Why Windows Unable to Uninstall Multiple Programs at Once?


Why Windows Unable to Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once: Hi, Guys. It’s Bittu again. How are you? Hopefully, you are well. You, guys easily understand that what is the theme of this article? Do you know Why Are You Unable to Uninstall Multiple Programs at once. In this case, all of the guys blame on Windows? But, the matter is not like that. You do not blame on the Operating System, the blame on yourself. But, you cannot fully blame on the installer, because, it is good for the installer. So, today I am going to discuss all reason of Why Windows Unable to Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once.

Why Windows Unable to Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once?

Why Windows Unable to Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once
Why Windows Unable to Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once


In windows operating system, you can install just one program for one time. It is just a matter of Windows Installing. It resists the system file from going to the wrong file during the time of installation.

Full Detailed:

If you want to delete a program from an Operating System, then you will have to go Control Panel and then go to the Programs and Featured Utility. From there, when you will go to uninstall any program, then you will watch that you are able to uninstall a program. If you want to try to uninstall a program, then the system is showing that an uninstalling process is still going on.

One and the only option is being there which is ‘Please Wait Until Current Program Is Finished Uninstalling or Being Changed’. If you watch it very closely, then you will know it that it is a matter of installer in where it has a less power uninstalling.

‘Please Wait Until Current Program is Finished Uninstalling or Being Changed’ - thementalclub.com

So many programs use Windows Installer for installing, updating and uninstalling so many programs. There are so many system files and entry files of Windows entry are attached with the uninstallation process (for example DDL). Some programs can go to other programs.

Moreover, you have to note the change the windows installer during the time of uninstalling as all files.


Developers use Windows installer to load a program into the machine. If they use their own installer (for example 7Zip, ALZip etc.), then they can withdrawal the restriction of the installation. But, most of the developers use Windows installer. In this case, it is very difficult to track the change which is done by the other installer. The clash may occur in it and possibly the Operating System can break it.

Briefly, it secures the system and data presents in it, so Windows installer does not uninstall so many programs. After starting the Windows store, Microsoft developer is inspiring Windows Installer to stick on it, as you are able to install the program and you maintain the internal database as suitable to the program. Moreover, to ensure the reliability the rollback feature of the installer works efficiently with a consistent database. So, for this Windows do not uninstall one more program together.

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Hope you like this article about Why Windows Unable to Uninstall Multiple Programs At Once. If you still have any quarries then you may leave your comment below in the comment section. So, it is for today. Thanks for reading.

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