How to Download The Creators Update of Windows 10 & Install it?


Download Creators Update the last version of Microsoft Windows 10 and take the advantages of new features of Windows 10. The fixed version of Windows10, creator update is released on 5th April 2017 wich is automatically installed in users PC. But those who stop their automatic update option can’t get it. So those who has newly installed the Windows 10  OS – are informed that the latest version of Windows 10 ie. 1703 (OS BUILD 105063.11) code 1703 means third month ie. March 2017. From now the built no is shown like this. Though the official release date is 11.04.2017.

Windows 10 Update
Windows 10 Update

Now you can think why do we install Windows-10 again???

It has only one answer. It’s much fast and smooth, Internet Wi-Fi settings are easier, and privacy is much updated than the before one. With this, you can pose update and also so many new applications with it. To solve driver problem and non-support problem is very easy, so let us see what is new there in new Windows-10.

What is in new Windows 10 [1703 (OS BUILD 105063.11)]

From many days it was expected that a three-dimensional paint Windows-10 Will come, And last it released.

Paint 3D

  • It’s good to see that Windows update can be paused now.

Windows Update

  • Windows defender is in a new look, with so many new powerful tools and functions. It’s too good.

Windows Defender

  • “Troubleshoot” option is in settings now, is very good and needful tools which were needed before, and now we get it, which is very good.

Windows Troubleshoot

  • Internet share is very easy now. Mobile hotspot can be started in one click.

Internet Sharing

  • Pen and Windows ink settings is a new option which is very needful.

Windows INK WorkSpace

  • The new browser is much fast, smooth and with many new options.

Microsoft Edge - Super fast browser

  • The gaming option in Windows-10 is much better and so many new options. So install Windows-10 and see yourself the new features of it. Also, take the fun of new Windows. Now, you can record or broadcast any game.

Game Recording

How to download Windows 10 (Latest Edition) from the official of Microsoft?

You may download it from the official site of Microsoft or from the torrent sites. I show you how to download it from Microsoft official site in this tune (So, I don’t show it again). Here firstly select ‘Edition’ from Select Edition now select ‘Language’ from Select Product Language. As per example, I select Windows-10 Pro and International English, you may select something other. Please remind that this official link will valid for 24 hours, so please be sure that your internet speed is very good in time of downloading. The total size is maximum 4.7 Gb.

You may download it with “Media Creation Tool” and here is the official download link for Windows 10.

You can also follow my previous tutorial to know the process of Windows 10 ISO download from the official website of Microsoft.

You can get the ISO file from Torrent download link, You can install it by make it USB bootable. This has only 64 bits Windows and two options pre-activate and non-activate. If you install Windows-10 before then just turned on the internet and activate it online.

Windows Activated

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