How to Get Cheapest Windows Products Keys and Games Keys


Buy Cheapest Windows Products Keys @12.6$

Windows Products Keys & Games Keys: Games and windows keys can be very expensive and especially those triple-a title games that cost around $60 and window keys that cost over $100. So say for example if you want multiple games and windows on a new PC then your whole allowance is gone in one go and then you just cannot wait for sales to come every time. So after some research, I stumbled across this amazing website that sells everything from Microsoft keys, game keys, origin CD keys, Youplay CD keys to PSN and Xbox prepaid cards at a very cheap price.

Get Cheapest Windows Products Keys

So if you are planning to build a new PC or using an unauthorized or older version of Windows 10 then upgrading to Windows 10 is going to set you back about 120 dollars which is a lot for a product key have checked prices on different websites and almost all of them had a price tag of over hundred dollars but SCDKey has the same product for just $14 now that is a huge difference compared to other websites. It is the best site to get Windows and Games Product Keys at very cheapest Price.

Cheapest Windows Products Keys and Games Keys

Buy Cheapest Windows Products Keys

So, why I recommend you use the original version compared to an unauthorized person is that the whole OS is smoother and receives updates frequently with better driver support and performance and also you don’t have to deal with that annoying activate Windows watermark on your computer.

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So, let me just quickly show you how you can purchase and activate your product on SCDKey. All you need to do is just follow the complete article from the begening to the end.

Step by Step Guide to Buy Original Cheapest Windows Activation Keys | Games Keys

Step 1. First of all, Open ScdKey.Com and Click on Sign up at the top of the right corner of Homepage. From there Enter you Name, Valid Mail ID, and Password and click on Sign up button.

Cheapest Windows 10 Products Keys

Step 2. Next, After successfully signup to this website click on the search bar type “Microsoft Windows 10 Pro“, [or you can type anything which you need from this site].

Cheapest Windows 10 Products Keys

Step 3. Select, the global version and click Buy Now and then apply our discount code “EGSK” for 10% off now.

Cheapest Windows 10 Products Keys

Step 4. After successfully applying the coupon code, hit on “SUBMIT ORDER” move forward to the payment option.

Step 5. A payment gateway will appear to choose your payment details and enter your payment information and make payment.

Cheapest Windows 10 Products Keys

Step 6. After that, the Windows 10 Pro key will be sent to your email address which you have used to sign up for SCDkey within 30 minutes.

Now, If you don’t know How to Use that key to activate your windows 10 PC. then follow the below steps.

1.  Go to Windows settings windows and updates.

Cheapest Windows 10 Products Keys

2. Now choose activation and click change product key.

Cheapest Windows 10 Products Keys

3. Enter the key that you received in your email.

Cheapest Windows 10 Products Keys

That’s if you have a registered Windows now and there you go you have fully working official windows then that you can use on your unlicensed windows or a new PC so make sure to check out SCDkey not only for windows keys but for gift cards and heavily discounted game keys for your Xbox Playstation Windows and steam.

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So that was it for this article guys I hope you found this useful stay tuned for more upcoming contents and I will catch you guys in the next one.