How difficult are the CA Final exams in India?


The ICAI, or Institute of Chartered Accountants in India, conducts the CA exam. The CA Final Exams are for sure one of the toughest in India. Right from the Foundation level, every exam level is difficult, and the final one is hard to crack. 

One needs to give proper time and dedication to succeed in their dream of being a CA. The syllabus is really vast, and many aspirants panic while preparing. However, it is not impossible to pass the exam, and with the right schedule and practice, you can score good marks. Let’s know why the CA Final classes Exams are hard and some essential tips to score well since the CA final exam date is closer now. 

Why are the CA Final Exams So Difficult?

One has to study very hard to crack the exam, which is not possible quickly. People believe they can prepare within 6 months, but that’s not possible. Here is why the CA Final exams are so hard for candidates.

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1. Comprehensive and Vast Syllabus for CA Final Exams

The vast syllabus makes it difficult to pass the exam with good CA final results. You have to start proper preparation from day 1 to get expertise in the various subjects. Studying for a single subject is easy, but when there are 7 of them, it gets hard.

Students find preparation easy but fail to recall most of it on exam day. They panic under pressure and lose their memory. The syllabus includes taxation, auditing, accounting, etc., which require deep knowledge. 

2. Syllabus Keeps Evolving and Changing for CA Final Exams

The account and legal sphere are never constant, and the syllabus keeps changing. Students have to stay updated regarding the latest changes in tax laws, accounting, and corporate regulations. All these amendments and changes make the CA Final Exams even more difficult for students.

CA Final exams in India

3. Subjects are Quite Complex

The exam features subjects like finance management, finance reporting, taxation, accounting, and more. Most of them require a deep understanding of concepts. One cannot just simply read and cram the topics and give the exam. They have to get coaching to be efficient in finance and accounting. 

4. Emphasis on Practical Applications for CA Final Exams

The exam has a lot of theory, but it is not limited to that only. Students should know how to apply the theory knowledge to real, practical applications to do well in the exam. One has to analyze business situations in real-time and then apply their knowledge to solve problems. Remembering the syllabus is one thing, but applying it to practical situations is another. It is important to have a good CA final study plan so that aspirants can follow a disciplined learning environment.

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5. The Passing Percentage is Low

The CA Finals exam has a low passing percentage, where only 8-10% of aspirants pass each year. The grading level and the CA final exam pattern is quite difficult, making the examination hard for students. There is a low chance of cracking the exam on the first try.

Students usually get more than three attempts to pass at the Final level. The syllabus is vast, but most people fail as they lose focus on their studies. There is a 3-year Articleship period, and candidates start focusing on work more than preparation.

6. Time Management is Hard 

One common issue that is faced by most of the students is time management. They say balancing their work life with preparation for CA Final Exams is hard. However, this is bad because one knows the structure of the exam before starting. They know the syllabus is vast, and it will take a lot of dedication to prepare for it.

Also, the exam itself is time-sensitive. There is limited time to answer a lot of questions. Thus, the added pressure of time is also there. Students panic when there is less time left, and many questions remain.

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Tips to Prepare for the CA Final Exams

Now we know that the final level of the CA Exam is really hard. So here are some tips that can help you prepare in the best way possible. 

  • The syllabus is vast, so create a proper timetable for your studies. Try to give time to every subject and topic. 
  • Ensure your syllabus is complete before time so you have enough time to revise the main topics. 
  • You need proper guidance and coaching through the process. Consider joining a highly-rated CA coaching institute. 
  • Study and practice daily without skipping a single day. Regular hard work is vital and key.
  • Stay mentally and physically fit to give your best. Do yoga, meditation, and physical exercises.
  • Try to solve as many old exam question papers as well as mock tests. It will give you an idea of the exam structure and help you manage your time during the exam.


Do you dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant? Well, it is entirely possible if you are focused and dedicated. The CA Final Exams are hard but not impossible to crack with the right CA final preparation. 

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We know what makes the exam hard, so we should prepare for the grind. Also, follow the tips discussed above to give your best shot at the exam.

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