Has your Clash of Clan ID banned permanently? Recover your ID


Hello brothers,

I hope all of you are fine except some people. Are you someone among some unhappy people? It means have your (COC) Clash of Clan ID banned permanently? (How much I have said before, don’t play X MOOD, but you didn’t hear me). Last 31st August was the Clash and Clan Day, that day it had been generally banned. So don’t worry. Though permanent means extended, but not extended because (COC) has pity in its heart, ID will be returned.

How To Get Back Permanently Banned Clash of Clans Account?


Why does the ID ban?

  1. First, if you dream about James Hack then your ID will be banned. ID is banned if you do James Hacking Generator, Gold Hacking, Elixir Hacking etc.
  2. Which everybody does almost, that is- using MOOD. In Bengali which can be said that (which bits in the night), example: Sex Mood sorry X Mood.
  3. If you see girls then you wish to write bad thing in global chat, isn’t it? Writing irrelevant topic in global and if 7 users give ID report then ID is banned. (But that is temporary, it means- after 7 days or definite time it is activated again.)
  4. Layout or which is called the base if design problem is there. Example: it is seen in some bases, in that it designs related to sex.
  5. At last if you use third party, then you can be sent to jail.

N.B: ID has never banned if you stay away of this 5 things.

Now come how will you get back your ID?

It is not possible to write more and to understand easily. So I’m thinking that, see the video.



You have to submit a report in General Discussion of Clash of Clan. And there you have to request to return your ID and ban’s reason. I hope you will return your ID.

N.B: Request to Admin, I’m trying to mention with comedy, please if there is any mistake, don’t forget to comment, I will correct them.

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Thank you…

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