How to hack Wi-Fi by using Windows Operating System


Hack Wi-Fi very easily by using Operating system (Mega Tune)

The necessary software for Wi-Fi hacking through Windows.

#1 Comm View Wi-Fi Download

#2  Elcomsoft Warless Security Auditor Download

Look at this picture:

CommView for WiFi

In here, I use the Wi-Fi network by giving a name. Now, I try to hack a Wi-Fi network of someone.

Now, I will show you that how do I do it?

First of all, on the comviewer and click on the “Start” button which I have given a red marked on it.

commview for wifi hacking

After clicking on “Start“, you can see an option just like the below picture and click on the “Capture” option which is shown in red mark in the picture.

commaview capture

The app will show of those Wi-Fi networks which exist in your network. Now go to the Tools option and select the option “Node Reassociation

Node Reassociation

Now the select the app which you want to hack the Wi-Fi network or which Wi-Fi network you targeted or hack that signal which is very good and send a Deauthentication Request from that app.

send now

Now, click on the “Send Now” option for sending packet through 4 ways Authentication.


Wait for it and it will capture the packet.

save packets

Just like the above picture, just click on the Save option and format your files. Commview Capture Files (*.ncf).

Capturing has finished. Now, open the Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor Software for getting the password of Wi-Fi of the victims.  After opening the software, click on the “Import data” and select the import “CommViewLog” option.


Now, the information will show obtaining through the app and handshakes and click on the “Ok” button.


Now, click on the “Start Attack” option and select the “Dictionary Attack” option. You may use any option as you wish.

dictionary attack

If you do it correctly, then hopefully you will see the password of the targeted Wi-Fi.

Thank you!

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