Best Tourist Spots in Bihar, India


Bihar is an Indian State, Located in the eastern Part. As per the population, it is the third-largest states in India. This State is famous for its rich diversity, different civilisations and cultural diversity. Bihar is also popular for its own beautiful history and mythology. Bihar is the mentioned in the epic Ramayana. The geographical location of Bihar is totally outstanding. This district shares its boundary with West Bengal, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. It is bounded by Nepal in the North, by Jharkhand in the South, by West Bengal in the east and by Uttar Pradesh in the west. This ancient state divided into two part by the river Ganges, one is called North Bihar and another one is called South Bihar. Here in this post, I have prepared a full list of tourist spots in Bihar. Read this article to know about the best tourist spots in Bihar. If you are planning to visit in Bihar then you can widen your plan and go to Nepal also because it is much closer to Bihar. Winter (November-February) is the best time to visit Bihar.

Location Map of Bihar 

Location-Map-of-Bihar, India

Let’s have a look at the best tourist spots in Bihar, India 


Patna is the capital of Bihar and it is one of the populous Districts in the state of Bihar. According to the history, the ancient city of Patna was known as Pataliputra during the Mauryan period. Patna is popularly known for its historical importance and beautiful architectures. If you find out the historical records, then you see Patna has lots of historical attractions. The major attraction in Patna are:

Patna Museum in Patna, Bihar

·         Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan

·         Mahavir Mandir

·         Takht Sri Patna Sahib

·         Patna Museum

·         Gandhi Maidan

·         Mangal Talab

·         Srikrishna Science Centre

·         Gol Ghar

·         Kumhrar

·         Agam Kuan

·         Patan Devi Temple

·         Patna Planetarium

·         Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library

·         Folk Art Museum

·         Buddha Smriti Park

·         Mahatma Gandhi Setu

·         Maner Sharif Darga

·         Pardri Ki Haveli  


Bodh Gaya or Gaya is located on the bank of the River Lilanjan. This district is popular for many pilgrim centre and religious places. Gaya is famous for various temples, mosques, monastery, caves, trees and hills. There is much religious importance in the state of Bihar but Gaya takes the number one position for its popularity. Bodh Gaya is a great attraction for every man, such as Devotees, history lovers, nature lovers as well as scholars also. Here is some breath-taking destination in Gaya.

Great-Buddha-statue-in Bihar

·         Vishnupad Temple

·         Bodhi Tree

·         Barabar Hills

·         Shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom Syed Shah Durwesh Ashraf

·         Jama Masjid

·         Gaya Pind Daan

·         Akshayabat

·         Barabar Caves

·         Surya Kund

·         Brahmayoni Temple

·         Muchalinda Lake

·         Animesh Lochana Chaitya

·         Cankamana

·         Chinese Temple

·         Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple

·         Ajapala Nigrodha Tree

·         Great Buddha Statue

·         Royal Bhutan Monastery

·         Thai Monastery

·         Dungeshwari Hills


Nalanda is popularly known for its historical importance and beautiful architectures.  If you find out the historical records, then you see Nalanda has lots of historical attractions. Ruins of Nalanda University is the prime attraction of this site. The prime attraction in Nalanda are –

Nalanda Bihar

·         Nalanda University

·         Nava  Nalanda Bihar

·         Surajpur Temple

·         Surya Mandir

·         Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall

·         Nalanda Archaeological Museum

·         Stupa of Sariputra

·         Bihar Sharif

·         Kundalpur

·         Baqra Mandir

·         Gaon Mandir

·         The Great Stupa


Muzaffarpur town is situated on the bank of the Burhi Ganga River. It is named after Muzaffar Khan, who was a revenue officer under the British rule. Muzaffarpur is one of the largest commercial and educational centres in North Bihar. This town is famous for the Litchis production, that’s why it is known as the Litchi Kingdom. Given below are some popular tourist attraction in Muzaffarpur.

Litchi-Fruit-Farming- Muzaffarpur

·         Litchi Gardens

·         Baba Garibnath Temple

·         Jubba Sahni Park

·         Ramchandra Shahi Museum

·         Khudiram Bose Memorial

·         Kali Mata Temple

·         Shri Ram Temple

·         National Litchi Research Centre

·         Masjid-e-Belal

·         Simri Mai Temple

·         Ambara Chowk


If you find out the historical records, then you see Munger has lots of historical attractions. Beautiful nature and charming weather of this site also attract many visitors. The major attractions of Munger are:


·         Bihar School of Yoga

·         Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary

·         Munger Fort

·         Shri Krishna Vatika

·         Kashtaharni Ghat

·         Sita Kund

·         Chandisthana

·         Tomb of Pir Shah Nufa

·         Manpathar

·         Ucheswar Nath Temple

·         Gurudwara at Piparpanti

·         Baptist Mission, Pirpahar

·         Kharagpur Lake

·         Kharagpur Catholic Church

·         Kakandi Teerth

·         Mullah Mohammad Sayyid Grave

·         Goenka Shivalaya


Vaishali is one of the popular Districts in the state of Bihar. It derived its name from King Vishal. Once it was a sub division of the Muzaffarpur district, after few years Vaishali became a district of Bihar. Most of the people of Vaishali districts are dependent on agriculture. Vaishali is popularly known for its various religious centres and this city is highly related to the Mythology. Here are some leading destination in Vaishali.


·         Bawan Pokhar Temple

·         Buddha Stupas

·         Archaeological Museum of Vaishali

·         Ramchaura Mandir

·         Kutagarshala Vihara

·         Abhishek Pushkarini

·         Ashok Pillar

·         Vishwa Shanti Stupa

·         Kundalpur

·         Raja Vishal’s Garh


Bhagalpur is situated on the southern bank of the Ganges. This ancient city is known as the ‘Silk City’ of India. This city also famous for the housing of the 1st lady doctor in South Asia, Kadambini. The meaning of the named Bhagalpur is ‘city of Good luck’. Which derives from ‘Bhagduttpuram’. Bhagalpur is one of the major Buddhist centres in India. Given below are some popular tourist attraction in Bhagalpur.

Temple-and-Mandar-hills- Bhagalpur

·         Vikramshila

·         Mount Mandar or Mandar Hills

·         Colganj Rock Cut Temple

·         Sultanganj

·         Kuppa Ghat

·         Ghuran Peer Baba Chowk


Jamui is a wonderful tourist destination of Bihar state. This district is located in the southern part of the state. Jamui district is famous for various ancient temples and hill station. Given below are some popular tourist attraction in Jamui.


·         Jain Mandir Lachhuar

·         Chandrashekhar Singh Museum

·         Patneshwar Mandir

·         Simultalla Hill Station

·         Giddheshwar Temple

·         Hazrat Khan Gaji Dargah

·         Kshatriya Kund Gram

·         Kali Mandir malaypur

·         Suggi

·         Minto Tower Gidhaur 

·         Maa netula temple


Darbhanga is a wonderful tourist destination in the state of Bihar. This tourist destination is famous for its old tradition, architectural marvels, religious places, folk music and arts. It is situated just 50 kilometres away from Nepal. The name of the district is too meaningful. It is conducted with two words, one is ‘Dwar’ and another one is ‘Banga’. The word ‘Dwar’ means ‘gate’ and the word ‘Banga’ means ‘Bengal’. So the actual meaning of the name of this district is “Gateway of Bengal.” Given below are some popular tourist attraction in Darbhanga.


·         Shyama Kali Temple

·         Ahilya Asthan

·         Chandradhari Museum

·         Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary

·         Darbhanga Fort

·         Harahi pond

·         Mazar of Makhdoom Baba

·         Holy Rosary Church


Kishanganj district is situated to the ending point of Bihar state. This district share border with West Bengal (Darjeeling and Uttar Dinajpur). Kisanganj is a most populous district because of its fertile lands and various beautiful location. Kishanganj is also known for its beautiful nature and forest areas. The prime attraction in Kishanganj are


·         Kishanganj Fort

·         Historic Khagra Mela

·         Ruins of Churli Estate

·         Kachuudah Lake

·         Nehru Shanti Park

·         Har Gauri Temple

·         Bandarjoola

·         Ruidhasa Khanquah

·         Kadam Rasul Mazaar


In the year 1972 Madhubani emerged from the Darbhanga district of Bihar. Since that time this district was struggling for its own existence. Now this district is famous for its art, culture, Madhubani painting and as a historical place also.  This is the main production centre of the world popular Madhubani painting. The major attractions of Madhubani district are:


·         Kapileshwar Temple

·         Saurath

·         Uchaitha

·         Bhawanipur

·         Nagar Fort or Naulakha Place

East Champaran:

East Champaran or Purbi Champaran district is located in the border areas of Indo-Nepal. East Champaran is very important by means of history as well as mythology. The major attractions of East Champaran district are:


·         Mothihari

·         Moti Jheel

·         Kesaria Bodh Stupa

·         Someshwar Shiva Temple

·         Gandhi Memorial

·         Narega Park

·         Orwell’s Birth Place

West Champaran:

West Champaran or Paschimi Champaran district is located in the north-west part of this state. Most colourful festival of Paschimi Champaran District is Chat PujaThe prime attractions of West Champaran district are:


·         Valmikinagar national park and Tiger reserved forest

·         Bawangarhi border area

·         Ruined fort of Sumeswer

·         Nandangarh and chankigarh archaeological structure

·         Brindavan history

·         Bhitiharawa ashram as pilgrim centre

·         Ashoka Pillar

This is the full list of best tourist attractions or beautiful places in Bihar. Nature beauty, dense forest, historical monuments, religious places, mythological importance, pilgrim centres these all are the various features of Bihar. I am so happy to give you the full information about this wonderful state. So friends, don’t waste your time started packing and enjoy your rest of the time.

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