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Kalahandi is an important tourist destination in the Indian state of Odisha (Orissa). Today I am going to share with you about the best Tourist Spots in Kalahandi. Kalahandi is the perfect destination, where one can take a break from drudgery daily monotony & simply rejuvenate. Geographical location of this district is totally interesting. Kalahandi is well connected to the major cities of India, that’s why it provides various facilities for Travelling. Kalahandi district has derived its name from “Gudahandi caves”. This place has vital archaeological importance and it has historical significance. This destination is covered by small hills, perennial waterfall, rivers, dense forest, picnic spots, temples etc. Kalahandi is also famous for art and crafts. Here you can also find out the list of all famous picnic spots in Kalahandi district.

Location Map of Kalahandi District

Location Map of Kalahandi District

Kalahandi is a good place, where one can visit attractive places with a Low budget. Here in this post, I have prepared a full list of tourist spots in Kalahandi. Mainly people come here to gather more experience about the history of this place.  Read this article from beginning to end to know about the best tourist spots in Kalahandi district.

Best Tourist Spots in Kalahandi District

Best tourist spots in Kalahandi district (1)

Just look below to see the best and attractive tourist spots in Kalahandi district………

  1. Phurlijharan,
  2. Amapani Hills,
  3. Amathagud,
  4. Asurgarh,
  5. Belkhandi Temple,
  6. Gudahandi Hills,
  7. Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary,
  8. Lanjigarh, Mohangiri,
  9. Shri Ramakrishna Ashram,
  10. Dhavaleswar Temple,
  11. Manikeswari,
  12. Dokarichanchara,
  13. Bhawanipatna,
  14. Junagarh,
  15. Rabandarh,
  16. Budhikomna,
  17. Yogimath,
  18. Patalaganga, these all are the major tourist spots in Kalahandi district.

Which is the best time to Visit in Kalahandi?

Winter is the best time to visit this destination because this time you can easily communicate with all places. You can also visit on the day of the occasions which I have mentioned below.

Major Festivals:

Kalahandi is famous for the various cultural festivals like Mahashivratri, Durga Puja, Deepawali, Holi, Janmastami, Ramnabami, Chhatar Jatra, Khandabasa, Kendunuan, Kandulnuan, Sasti Osha, Bihanchhina, Pora Uansh etc.

Now I am going to describe all the above mention destination or best Tourist spots in Kalahandi district shortly. Keep reading…..


Phurlijharan is a breathtaking waterfall, located near Bhawanipatna town in Kalahandi district. The waterfall is situated in the middle of a forest. The waterfall is falling down from a height of 30 feet. This waterfall is much popular because anyone can be seen here the scenic view of the multi-colored rainbow. This site also famous as an ideal picnic spot.

Amapani Hills:

Amapani Hills

Amapani Hills is one of the great attractions in the Kalahandi district. There is a valley name Haladigundi is situated in the middle of the hills, which is known for various rare species of flora and fauna. Numerous animals such as Sambar, spotted deer and black panthers come here from the nearby Behera reservoir and Ambapani Sanctuary. Trekking facilities also available here, which attract more travelers.


Amathagud is a fort situated on the right side of the River Tel. This place is the attraction of every history lovers. Nowadays this fort is completely ruined due to lack of maintenance. There is two bridge also (one is old and another one is new), which connects two cities. In the year of 1977, few parts of the old bridge were destroyed due to floods.


Asurgarh is a small village, derived its name from an old ruined fort. According to the history, it is believed that the fort was the residence of a demon. The name of the fort is a combination of two words, Asur and Garh. The word “Asur” means demon and the word “Garh” means house. This fort is also known as a hunted house of Kalahandi. This fort was built in a rectangular shape. The fort has four doors. In the middle of the fort, there was a small temple also, which dedicated to Goddess Dokari.

Belkhandi Temple and Museum:

belkhandi temple

Belkhandi is a small village situated at the meeting point of River Tel and Uttei. The river both Tel and Uttei are the tributaries of the River Mahanadi. The Belkhandi temple is the main attraction of this village. This ancient temple lies here from the dating back to 12 century. Belkhandi Museum is another attraction of this village. This museum has a huge collection of stone sculptures and ruins of the Belkhandi temple.

Gudahandi Hills:

Gudahandi Hills is located at a distance of 17.6 kilometers from Amapani. Three small hills together known as Gudahandi Hills. Basically the hills famous for the ancient caves that have beautiful paintings and inscriptions. It is believed that the inscriptions and paintings of these caves belong to the Indus valley civilization. Another attraction is Behera River, flows near Gudahandi Hills.

Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary:

The Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the year of 1992. It is located near Karlapat village. This reserve forest mainly established to preserve the bio-diversity and it is the home to numerous rare species of flora and fauna. Major faunas in the sanctuary are the tiger, barking deer, gaur, leopard, nilgai, sambar and mouse deer.

Another attraction of this village is Khanduala fall. It is located on a hilltop and falling down from a good height. Villagers believed that this place is the home of goddess Khandua.  Beside the temple, there is a temple also dedicated to Goddess Manikeswari.


Lanjigarh is a small village located on the southeastern side of Bhawanipatna. The temple of Lord Gopinath and Goddess Dokari are the prime attraction of this village. Jhami Yatra is the major festival in this village. During the Bengali month of Chaitra, a huge number of visitors gather here to join this festival.


Mohangiri is a beautiful village famous for a shiv temple. The architecture and inscription of this temple are totally outstanding.

Shri Ramakrishna Ashram:

Shri Ramakrishna Ashram was established in the year of 1993. This ashram is working on the principles of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Mata Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda. The main objective of this ashram is to teach people about salvation. This ashram is the right place for meditation. There is a garden also which field up with the vegetable and flowers.

Dhavaleswar Temple:

Dhavaleswar Temple is one of the great attraction in Kalahandi district. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva. During the Bengali month of Kartik, a huge number devotees come here to complete their worship.


Manikeswari temple in Kalahandi

Manikeswari is a well-known deity in Odisha. Manikeswari temple is located in Bhawanipatna. Chhatar Jatra is one of the most leading festivals of this site. Khandasadhaka is another popular festival, which related to Manikeswari temple.


Dokarichanchara picnic spot

Dokarichanchara is a good picnic spot located on the border of Kalahandi and Nabarangpur district. This destination’s location is totally attractive and unique. There are two breathtaking waterfalls, Dokaridara and Bhanyaraghumara. Beside the temple, there is a cave also known as jiggery pot. Inside the cave, you can see the numerous pictographic inscriptions and draw crafted on the stone walls.

The ancient Ram temple is another attraction of this village. Ram Navami is the prime festival in this site. During the time of festival every year, villagers arranged a big fair.

Dokaridara waterfall is surrounded by beautiful stone hills and falling down from a height of 200 feet. At the bottom of this waterfall, there is a temple, which is dedicated to Maa Dokari. The holy Mata worshiped here since a long time. Yogi Pahar and Rani Pahar are located near Bhanyaraghumara waterfall. The waterfall is falling down from 150 feet height.

Others attractions of this site are Bhawanipatna (Famous for numerous temples dedicated to different deities), Junagarh (famous for ruined fort), Rabandarh (famous for beautiful views), Budhikomna (famous for-unique brick temple Pataleswar), yogimath (popular for cave and ancient paintings), Patalganga (considered as a holy place) etc.

If you love adventure, so friends don’t waste your time and visit all amazing places in Kalahandi district, which I have already mentioned.

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