Tourist spots in Bhagalpur [Bihar, India]


Bhagalpur is one of the oldest city of Bihar. It is situated on the southern bank of the Ganges. This ancient city is known as the ‘Silk City’ of India. This city also famous for the housing of the 1st lady doctor in South Asia, Kadambini. The meaning of the named Bhagalpur is ‘city of Good luck’. Which derives from ‘Bhagduttpuram’. Bhagalpur is one of the major Buddhist centers in India. Read this article to know about the best tourist spots in Bhagalpur District. Vikramshila, Mount Mandar or Mandar Hills, Colganj Rock Cut Temple, Sultanganj, Kuppa Ghat, Ghuran Peer Baba Chowk these all are the prime attraction of Bhagalpur District. Bhagalpur is also popular for its religious and historic attraction. Winter is the best time for visiting Bhagalpur District.

Location Map of Bhagalpur District


Here is the list of top six places that you must see in Bhagalpur.


Vikramshila is one of most ancient place in Bihar. This oldest university of Buddhist learning is situated at a distance about 38 kilometers from Bhagalpur city. This destination is famous for its various sightseeing. The University of Vikramshila is the prime attraction of this site. This ancient university is the Pride of Bihar and it was built by Dharmapala, which was the devout Pala King also known as Paramasaugata. History lovers must visit this place because this place is highly related to the history. The famous writer Hieun Tsang and Fa Hein mentioned so many things about this place in their writings. The 108 similar temple are surrounding this university. The excavated remains of the glorious past still attract the scholars and learners. Every year the month of February it hosts Vikramshila Mahotsav festival and collects a huge number of visitors.

Mount Mandar or Mandar Hills:

Mount Mandar or Mandar Hills are situated at a distance of 40 kilometers from the city of Bhagalpur. This 800 ft high granite hill carry mythological significance for the city. According to the mythology, this hills mainly used by the gods to churn the large ocean in order to procure amrit from it. So, these hills are related to the history of ‘amritmanthana’. Everybody said that once Lord Vishnu Killed a demon here and his footprints are also seen at a different location on these hills. This ancient hills surrounded by various statues, rock cut sculptures, inscriptions and depicting Brahmanical images. These hills are also famous as 12 Jain Tirthankar attained nirvana. On the top of the Mandar Hill has a scenic view of Golden Bhagalpur.

Colganj Rock Cut Temples:

The Colganj Rock Cut Temples are one of the major tourist attraction of Bhagalpur. They are located at a distance of 8 kilometers from the west of Sultanganj City. The rock cut carvings present on these temples date back to Gupta period. So many Hindu, Jain and Buddhist statues are inscribed on the wall of this temples. This unique formation and structure of these temples attract many visitors. There are also several artistic etchings present at these temples that have been excavated from Bhagalpur of Bihar at the time of great Emperor Asoka. This site also famous as a researching place of India.

Ghuran Peer Baba Chowk:

Ghuran Peer Baba is a famous holy place of Muslim Religion. Ghuran Peer Baba Chowk is also known as Mazar of Peer Baba. This Mazar is located near the Chhoti Khanjarpur, near Manali Restaurant. If you go there on Friday then you will realize why it is a popular attraction. This Holy Mazar is open for all. Everybody can go easily on this spot for their worship and pray.


Sultanganj is located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Bhagalpur district on the bed of River Ganga. Every year in the month of July-August, it is visited by pilgrims to collect the holy water of north-flowing Ganges. After a long walk of 80 kilometers, distance devotees reached Lord Baidyanath temple in Deoghar and offer this holy water to the god. It is popular for rock cut cravings and Baba Ajgaibinath temple. A massive bronze statue of Buddha at Abhayamudra was excavated in the year 1861. But now it is preserved in Birmingham city museum, England.

Kuppa Ghat:

Kuppa Ghat is another popular attraction of Bhagalpur District. The word ‘Kuppa’ means a ‘tunnel’ and ‘ghat’ means located on the river bank. The Kuppa Ghat is famous for the beautiful cave, which was used by the Maharishi Mehi for the practicing of Yoga. Now this place is famous as a holy Ashram. This ashram is surrounded by the beautiful flower garden and decorated with sculptures, paintings, and quotes of mythological importance. This ashram has a hide and old passage, it attracts huge visitors. It can be visited only with the authority of the temple. Guru Purnima is the main festival of this ashram, during this time thousands of devotees come here to join this festival. Now, this site is more popular as a silent place to spend the evening.

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