How Easy to Hack Password Protected Wi-Fi Network


Hack Password Protected Wi-Fi Network: Hi Guys! My name is Bittu. How are you? If you are mad at computer or network, then you must think about the Wi-Fi security. How your Wi-Fi is secured? This is certainly a consideration. You think that by using a strong password or by hidden your own network, you keep safe your Wi-Fi. But, is it true? Now, your Wi-Fi password may hack. Today, I am going to discuss all this topic. So, You must read this article. You may know so many unknown things.

How Easy to Hack Password Protected Wi-Fi Network

How Easy to Hack Password Protected Wi-Fi Network
How Easy to Hack Password Protected Wi-Fi Network

Hidden Network SSID

It is a very foolish task to hide SSID in your Wi-Fi network. It is very possible to search the hidden network SSID by using the Wi-Fi hacking tool. The members of your family or your friend’s circle or the customer of your shop cannot connect with your network. But, one hacker can easily search the hidden network and started to hack the hidden password after starting any tools.


There is no required to hide your SSID in your network. In most of the times, hackers try to hack the Wi-Fi network by watching the hidden network. So, what is your profit to hide the thing which you cannot actually hide?

WEP [Wired Equivalent Privacy] Password :

WEDP password is the old way to give the security of Wi-Fi network. It is very easy to hack the WEP Wi-Fi password by collecting the packet from broadcasted traffic around the Wi-Fi network. Moreover, it is also possible to crack the WEP network by using the router. This router cracks the WUP network and rebroadcasts it by using the strong security network.

It is very sorry to say that it is mismatched with WPA till now. It does not support it in old android phone or old iPhone or old gaming console.


You never set the WEP password in our router. If you have a device which does not support the WPA- but now the time has come to throw the devices. In today’s’  there is no question to use the WEP. If you use WEP, then anybody can hack the WEP password and will hack the Wi-Fi password. You can use all of your bank accounts and then some terrible incidents may happen with you.

WPA [Wi-Fi Protected Access] Security:

You think that “I am safe”. Because I use the password of 25 letters length password and my network is secured by WPA2-PSK which is the best security system“. It’s ok. You think that you may tell the truth. But, actually, you are not in safe. Todays’ most of the routers use WPS technology. WPS technology is used for connecting the device by one touch. For example gaming console or Wi-Fi printer. Just one touch and connect with the router. After touching the router, there is required to enter 8 numerical values which are written on the body or under the body of the router.

It is very easy to bypass the 8 numerical values. But, if you give the wrong password in place of the original password, then you will be punished for 60 seconds from connecting to the router. So, through the Brute force attack, it will take 6.3 years to crack the 8 numerical values. So, don’t worry about it.

You have to be concerned about this. The hacker will divide the 8 passwords into the 2 parts i.e. 4 and 4. If the first 4 digits correctly match with your router, then the router will give you a notification that “you enter the correct password.” Then, the hacker requires another 4 passwords. Now, in every set, there is a combination of 10000. As a result, the waiting of 6.3 years will be reduced to some hours. In your router, there is no option of 60 seconds. As a result, your secured WUPA password will be hacked in some hours.

How Do You Secure Yourself From Being Hacked Password Protected Wi-Fi Network?

Remember 3 Things:

  • Stop Completely the WUPS: WUPS keeps aside in so many routers by using the separate pin. There is also an option of using alpha-numeric (letters and numeric together) password. But, the best way is to stop completely the WUPS.
  • Stop the Wi-Fi: After finishing the work, it is best to stop the router. If there is no more than one device or if there is no need to require the Wi-Fi, then you use the internet of the cable company or use the ISP supplied internet.
  • Always update the firmware of the router: When the update will come, then you will finish the updating process.


Hack Password Protected Wi-Fi Network: Truly speaking, there is no existence of 100% security in the Wi-Fi network. Your Wi-Fi network may hack in spite of being the use of the large password. If you want to save yourself, then you stop the wireless functions from the router or you stop the WUPS. Now attack your own network by using the hacking tools and if you do not find out anything, then you are truly safe.

Hope you like this article about How Easy to Hack Password Protected Wi-Fi Network. If you still have any quarries about that then you may leave your comment below in the comment section. I will try to give you the solution as early as possible. Keep visiting our blog. Thanks for reading.

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