How hackers highjack a PC? How do you save yourself?


Friends, Malware can harm a particular section of your computer. It shows sometime unexpected advertise, it controls over sometime your browser homepage and default search engine. But, any hacker highjacks your PC and may be destructed your computer. Through this, the hackers try to find out the backdoor and they control your PC. Now the question is,

How does the hacker highjack your PC?

Let’s have a look.

How hackers highjack a PC
How hackers highjack a PC

Truly speaking, social engineering is a one kind of art which the hackers will show with intelligently. The hackers will try to search passwords or any important information by acting in a tricky way in front of you. This is the popular process of hackers to attack any users. Because, it is very easy to trick the users to gain the important information. They try to build up a story for convincing you and you believe a little more ethnic, then you will be trapped by them.

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First of all, for hijacking your PC, the hackers will hack your email account or social network. Generally, if the hackers hack anybody’s account, then most of the accounts are hacked by the hackers very easily (because. Most of the users use the same password in their all accounts.) Now, a link or a message may come from downloading in your account from your friend’s account. As the message comes from a friend’s account, then you will open the link- and then a malicious software may install in your PC. As a result, all the information from your PC will steal and you will lose the control form your PC.

In many times, the hackers may message by pretending a technical support or may call you on Skype. Most probably, the hacker may tell you, “I am telling from the Microsoft, a dangerous virus is detected on your PC- and I will help you to delete it“. They may tell you to open the Event media option from the Computer Management option and will ask you “can you see the message?” (In here, due to the various reasons the message will show on your computer such as if you fail to install the driver or if firewall block any software etc.) And, you also believe it. Then, they are ordered to install any remote tool and if you install it, then finished! Now, they will access your PC and what would they do, I really don’t know. Here is the list of Most Famous Hackers In The World.

Your PC may be hacked not by fake calling or messaging. You believe a friend, he also may hack your PC by making a backdoor for accessing your PC. You never give permission to your friend to use your PC for Administrator account. Not only for your friend, but also you don’t use the administrator account. There are so many malicious software which want to take the admin permission for working on your computer. In this case, if you use normal account, then these software do not work properly.

Please, mind it that Microsoft will never call you. We don’t buy Windows by paying money, which we use in our house.

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The Weakness of Browser- Flash and JAVA

Today’s browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are more secure. Google Chrome or other browser opens the website tab in their own sandbox. Sandbox means a sandbox in your room. A sandbox in your room helps you to save your room from sandy which is as same as if the malicious content is available in your box, then it is limited in the browser, it does not help to spread on your PC.

Now, the JAVA plug in works outside the sandbox, it is really a worried matter. If these plugins do not block in your browser, then the malicious JAVA or flash mode attracted sites may harm your PC. In this case, the information may steal from your PC.

Now, the good news is that you can really avoid these problems:

  • Always use the latest versions of the browser.
  • And always keep updating your software.
  • Stop the JAVA or Flash Play automatically.
  • If necessary, you can uninstall fully the JAVA Plug in from your PC.

Truly speaking, every sites are not using JAVA. (Mind it, JAVA and JAVA Script is a totally different matter.) I will post totally different article about the JAVA Plug in Problems and try to bring the problems with it). Related Article: How to uninstall unwanted Chinese software from your PC/Smartphone?

Port Scanning:

There is a required to open the port for transferring any application through the data networks. Meanwhile, there is also required to open some defined ports. (For example: required “Port 80” for webserver) and in another time, some defined ports are opened for some definite works. Unused ports are stopped by default. Now, if you want to transfer your home PC into the webserver, then you have to change the settings of your router, open 80 port for incoming traffic.

Moreover, there are some applications which open new port during the time of using in every time. Now, opening the port on your PC means hackers scan the port of your PC and they control on any open service. Hackers easily understand that which software and which version of the software the users are being used. Now, the hackers check the database and watch that, is there any weakness in your usable version of the software? If they find out any weakness, then the hackers move forward. What to do if your computer has been hacked?

You can check the online tool for checking which ports are opened of your network. And you are away from connecting of the public Wi-Fi. Because, in that network, anybody can scan the port- and if hackers find out any weakness in your service, then all the security and secrets will break down.


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