Download Wi-Fi Sharing Software for Your PC


Dear readers, do you use Wi-Fi enabled Laptop and Mobile? If you use then download Wi-Fi sharing software for your PC. By using this software you can share your internet to any Wi-Fi enabled mobile or laptop.

Download Wi-Fi Sharing Software

Download Wi-Fi Sharing SoftwareThere are many Wi-Fi sharing software over the internet but I will recommend you this software. The name of this software is “My Wi-Fi Router”. You can ask me a question – why should I use “My Wi-Fi Router”?  I think maximum users use “Connectify hotspot”, I had known it because of it a common fact. If your computer connected with broadband or if your computer connected with Modem then you can share your PC’s internet connect by using “Connectify hotspot”.

But if your computer connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot then you will not able to share your internet connection with others. Connectify hotspot has a problem with the full version. But “My Wi-Fi Router” has no problem with the free version. Because “My Wi-Fi Router” is a freeware. You don’t need to purchase it. So friends download this Wi-Fi Sharing Software any enjoy. Let’s know the full features of “My Wi-Fi Router” before downloading it.

About My Wi-Fi Router:

A free virtual WiFi router software which can convert your Windows XP, 7 & 8 laptop/PC into a WiFi Hotspots with one click. You can easily share the internet connection anytime and anywhere.

Features of “My Wi-Fi Router”

  1. Easy to Create A Secure and Free WiFi Hotspot.
  2. Share Internet Connections.
  3. Display and Manage Connected Devices.
  4. Free to Share Videos on WiFi.
  5. Extends your Wi-Fi range.

My Wi-Fi Router

Now it’s time to download it. So friends, please download it from the link below and share your internet connection with your friends.

Download Now

“NetCut” – Broadband Internet & Wi-Fi Hacking Software Free Download

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