Most Famous Hackers In The World Who Wrote The History In Todays Technological World.


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for most merciful god’s blessings. I’m also fine for that great god’s blessing and for your prayer. You have understood by seeing the above title that, today I will show you “Most famous hackers in the world”.

World Most Famous Hackers Of All Time.


Some people always stay far from all. Human society can’t know them. They’re walking, eating is about technology always. Those who wonders from one edge to the another edge of the earth within a minute. All this extra natural men are known alien in the technology world. Technological world tries to avoid these men of dark world. Others accident carries their identity.

Detective world including bank, military force face problem with them sometimes. I will introduce to you about world famous men of this type of some world. Those who have got good and bad fame by their work. Let’s know about their several subjects which have given them the dignity of supernormal men.

Most famous hackers in the world:

#1. Adrian Lamo:

Nick Name: The Homeless Hacker

Age: 33


Adrian Lamo becomes famous in the world for his some extraordinary work. He is known the homeless hacker because he completes his all work always in coffee shop and library. He becomes famous by hacking all famous sites like the New York Times, Google, and Yahoo! And Microsoft and he responded in this world. In 2003, police arrested him for safety. In 2002, he was convicted for taking personal information of reports of the Times Magazine. After 15 months of observation, a warrant was issued again him. As a result of this, Lamo surrendered In California. Next he got the chance by showing excuse for 6 months under house arrest.

After this also Adrian’s life was not very pleasant. He was accused of keeping a gun with his girlfriend and its misuse. After he was marked as a mental patient. He had to carry the offence of stealing thousands Government documents.

#2. Jenison James Ancheta:

Nick Name: Pranbont Hacker

Age: 30


This citizen of California got hacker fame by stealing information from website of military force, and also for spreading spam. He had controlled 5 lakh military computers. He gave his own ad in website of military force. In 2005 he got a client and it was going quite comfortable. Later he was imprisoned for 6 months.

#3. Astra:

Age: 58

This Astra named Hacker was ever detected. Though he was arrested in 2008, then it was known that he was 58 years old. He was arrested by hacking web of Aircraft Company, a Dassault group. In it companies faced the loss of a lot of money.

At that time he stole information of arms technology in war plane and le stole more information of many institutions like Middle East country, Brazil, Germany, Italy, South Africa.

#4. Wen Thor Walker:

Nick Name: A Kill

Age: 25


In 2008 at the age of 18 years, 6 cyber crime’s complaints was brought against this hacker Wen Thor walker. He leaded if an international hacker network and that group hacked 1.3 million computer information. He hacked from several banks account 20 million dollars. From only 13 years, this teenager started to learn programing and he started to hack from the age of 17. This teenager used to hack bank, including other companies and used to steal other members of the group. Now Wen Thor Walker has worked in several companies with online security.

#5. Kevin Polson:

Nick Name: Dark Dante

Age: 49


Kevin Polson is an American man, after releasing of whom from jail, internet and computer are forbidden. He becomes famous by hacking radio station named L.A radio station KIIS FM. He becomes famous as an expert for discovering many online mysteries.

He was involved in several online activities for 5 years, though he was in jail, later he was forbidden of using computer and internet for 3 years.

He is now a writer and wrote an article on sex crimes in my-space, for which one man was also arrested.

#6. Albert Gaunjaledge:

Nick Name: King Chili


Albert made a group with 4000 members, those who were involved in the works of hacking several company’s website, bank account. This group used to hack the driver license, social security card, credit card, debit card, birth certificate, college student identity card and health insurance card etc. And they used to sell to several persons.

This powerful group of Albert Gaunjaledge came under the spotlight by hacking debit card and credit card. He stole almost 45 million bank card’s information until 2007. He was arrested on May, 2008 and will be remained in jail until 2025.

#7. Kevin Pitnic:

Nick Name: The Dark Side Hacker

Age: 51


Kevin Pitnic likes to call his work as social engineering work always, never likes to call it hacking.

He started to hack only in 15 years and in this age, he used to hack bus ticket of Lo Angels. Later he came under the spotlight by hacking famous website of Nokia, Motorola, IBM. In 1995 he was arrested and after 12 months he was released. But he did not close hacking. His work was to make clone phone. Later he was sentenced for 3 years. That time he was identified as the biggest cyber-criminal of the country. At present, he works in online security.

#8. Jonathan James:

Nick Name: Comrade

Age: 24 (at the time of death)


American’s first prisoned hacker was this teenager. He became famous in the world of hacking at the age of 15. He had hacked several websites like NASA, Military force etc. He earned 1.7 million dollars from this hacking.

He came under the spotlight when he had hacked space tech of NASA. That time he was arrested in a house until becoming 18 years. Later he stole credit card’s information of several bank then he was accused as a thief. He committed suicide on May, 2008. He wrote this note before his death that “he has no trust on justice system”.

#9. Vladimir Levin:


Real life about Levin is known very little. Levin was very expert in the hacking of back account. Doing this much money he brought in his own account. Hacking City bank’s account he brought 10.7 dollars in his own account. But he used to hack by following wonder process. He used to make money by tapping mobile. He is adjudged in jail for 3 years.

#10. Gary Mackinnon:

Nick Name: Lonely man

Age: 46


Gary Mackinnon hacked almost 100 servers American military and NASA from February, 2001 to March 2002. And used to do this type of work by sitting in his girlfriend’s house of London. He deleted many required files, software and data, for which Government had to pay 7 lakh dollars to recover that. He had used some good pictures of space tech of the NASA website for his own work. He is a funny man in real life. Later he informed this type of many funny information in many books. This lonely man now lives in England.

#11. Michel Chelchi:

Nick Name: Mafia Boy

Age: 30


Michel Chelchi was a man of the new millennium people who hacked famous web like Amazon, E-Bay, CNN, and Yahoo. That time Yahoo was the famous search engine of the world. But by seeing the situation badly, President Bill Clinton selected force for searching Mafia boy. He said that he did all thing by sitting in a small room. Later the ban was issued not to connect with the internet for 8 months, with some fine. This net addicted small boy made all accidents from high school level.

#12. Mathew Bevan and Richard Price:

Nick Name: Data stream Cow boy (Price)

Age: 41 (Bevan) 35 (Price)


This British hacker attacked Pentagon’s network and controlled that within two weeks. They hacked information of US soldier of North Korea. Though later government recovered that. When Price was 16 and Bevan was 21, then they accessed Korean nuclear facility. They did this work at the time of two Korea’s war. Though they were arrested in the next year.

#13. Syrian Electronic Army:

A Syrian Electronic army is a unique group. They became famous in 2011. But they could not rise so much in the rule of Syrian president Bashar al- Assad. But they have hacked many high types of website. They did many types of work like spam, malware, and fishing. Though they denied that. From previous experience in 2013 and 2014 they launched. Even they are also in twitter.

#14. Lizard Skoaad:

If you are a gamer then you have heard definitely this name. Because they controlled last year PlayStation and Xbox in Xmas day. They are involved with this type of many games.

They stole information of tender, Facebook and Instagram and wrote in footer that they will publish porn picture of Taylor Swift. Though next Vine Omari named 22 years old boy and Rayan named 17 years boy were arrested from Britain.

#15. Anonymous:

Anonymous is a global hectivist group. Generally, this hectivist group attacked in any website through Denial of Service. In 2003 this group is made with some internet users of the whole world. The members of anonymous are known anon. They normally use one type of mask in any protest rally.

There are many complaints for attacking cyber crime in many countries still now against anonymous. They attack in many government websites of different countries also. Like, United States, Israel, Tunisia, Uganda and more. In spite of it, they have attacked in child pornographic website, Copyright protection agency, the west Boro Baptist church and multinational companies like papal, master card, visa and Sony.  Anonymous supports alternative news media WikiLeaks. Because in 2010 WikiLeaks published thousands diplomatic messages and then papal, master card and visa WikiLeaks have closed their transactions. For this protest in papal anonymous had attacked cyber-attack fatally.

These hectivist groups are called as “freedom fighter and digital robin hood” by Anonymous supporters. But they are also called “cyber mafia’’ and “cyber terrorist” by critics. Anonymous had got place in the list of world’s influential 100 persons or institution of world famous time magazine in 2012.

It is enough for today. I hope this article will work for you. Thank you for reading this article. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

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