What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?


Hi!! How are you Guys? I am fine. Today, I am discussing another topic. The name of the topic is: What is Virtual Private Network?

We think there is a threat to browse the Internet. They understand that the Skype conversation was leaked. How much you are using a secure network that maybe you are not quite sure about that. Today, I am discussing about What is VPN  i.e what is Virtual Private Network? And also its Uses and characteristics.


What is Virtual Private Network or VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a private network within a public network which exchanges data to the internet users with maintaining complete security. Moreover, the virtual private network is active to see Country restricted Web sites, relatively risky Web sites and blocked content. Although some countries have imposed a ban on the use of VPN, but it’s not a problem for our country.


That’s why I’ll discuss detailed analysis in below how to use a virtual private network. But, you know that how to create a virtual private network. To do this you will need good quality VPN software. And VPN software is available for free and also available in money for getting good quality VPN software. In below, I have given the free and premium VPN download link. After downloading this software, you will be able to install this software. And, then, you will be able to use this software. You will also watch the rules and regulations of this VPN software. Although, I think, this does not require.

Download VPN Software (Windows and Android)

Among these, the first two are free version. You will be able to use it after downloading the software. For downloading this software, I have given the official download links. From there, you download the required version of this software in your android supported, Windows, iOS, and other operating systems. But the last software, i.e. Hotspot Shield Elite is a premium, so, that is why, third party website link ha given in front of you. Click here to download Hotspot Shield android supported phone.






Why do you use Virtual Private Network or VPN? 


I believe that, already you have gathered an overview idea about VPN from my article. Those who did not know about it, hopefully, you have got good knowledge. Let’s know about the benefits of virtual private networking. Otherwise, you can not say that, why do you use VPN.

  • For visiting protected websites in Other Countries

There are many so many websites where the internet users of other countries do not visit. But, by using a VPN, you can easily visit these Web sites. But, the some internet advantages are allocated in some countries. On Facebook, for Indonesian, they will use their single name. So, by using VPN and by using Indonesian IP, you can easily access this advantage in India in Facebook.

  • To see any Blocked Content

There are so many contents in internet for adults and those contents are blocked for adults. Or, if the website is for union site and if there is a conservation of entering that website by putting the union members’ title, then, you can access those blocked content by using a VPN.


To use any Public Wi-Fi Network


Any Public Wi-Fi network is not safe for exchanging the important information. There has always a possibility of hacking. By using VPN, you can make private network within a public network. As a result, the internet users will be safe for exchanging their important information.


Exchange of Personal Files Safely

You may know that what files you have sent or download from the internet, it can inspect anybody. By using VPN, you can download and upload any files safely.


Browsing never be locked

Suppose that you are arrested by police. Because, you search about Koken or you order Koken. Actually, you have ordered it just because of your Chemistry Lab. But, if you use a VPN, then, your Google history will remain untraceable. Then, you can save yourself from such kind of important cases.


VPN is 100% Active in Case of Privacy

Google is such a thing from which you can not flee away. What’s your history, what’s your interest: all such kinds of information Google knows it. If you don’t want to store these informations, then, you use VPN. By using VPN, you will always remain anonymous.


Once upon a time, our university has banned us from doing Facebook. We can not connect Facebook from our departmental room by using Wi-Fi. Then, I and my friend will decide to use VPN and then, we connect Facebook in our University Campus. That was the day when I first used VPN.

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