The Wi-Fi Router will give you the best speed and security if you know 10 settings


Can you use Wi-Fi internet? But I use. Well, what are the advantages of using Wi-Fi net? Incredible speed and with this less value. And disadvantages? Sometimes the net line is used like electric line. There is no news if it is gone one time. Yet I will say it is the best broadband. At least if your internet service provider is gentleman then you can run the net peacefully. Now I will come to the point directly. Do you know, in which way you have used Wi-Fi router, it is possible to use by enjoying more benefits. How?

Do you know the Wi-Fi Router will give you the best speed and security if you know 10 settings?


#1. Keep update firmware of the router:

Use update router always. It happens many times, your internet service provider, if they wish, they will deliver their own router. Which can be the cause of the many embarrassments in the future. So buy router as you wish.

#2. Install a router in the advantageous place:

You will install the router in the place from where the signal can be reached to almost all rooms equally.

#3. Using A Strong Password:

How it is sounding? Isn’t it? Hmm, what has the importance of password? It keeps, because when you will use strong passwords, then no one of the outsider will use your net line. Plus you will get secure net service.

4. Wi-Fi Channel:

Always you use correct Wi-Fi channel. Most of the service provider uses 2.4 GH which may not perfect for all.

#5. Disconnect Old Device:

It means, when you will not use any device, then disconnects that Wi-Fi from the router.

#6. Ping Test:

Sometimes you can examine your regular internet speed through ping test, and for this you have to go on this site.

#7. Restart:

Many times you will see router hang on the way. And suddenly speed vanishes or net line is disconnected. In that situation, don’t do anything, just off the router and restart it again.

#8. Using More Router:

It happens many times, the space of your floor is very big and unfortunately you have bought which router that can’t cover the floor completely. Through which, your net speed has decreased. Do one work that buys a new big router or buying a little router set that in other corner of the room.

#9. Staying away from a device of the same signal:

Remember this, your room has some common electronic device which uses same 2.4 GH. Like, TV, cordless phone, microwave oven etc. And if you set the router beside the same device, then normally router will face problem to give their own signal.

#10. Antenna:

Try to buy a router based on needs. And you can a big new antenna and more advanced antenna by changing old router if you want. To do this you have to talk with the nearest router shop.

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