4 Free and Very Useful Password Manager Tools


There are so many passwords we generate during the visiting of various sites. To store the personal documents, there is no substitution of passwords. But, various passwords are provided to various sites. Which is very difficult to keep in mind.

So, here is some password tools by which you save all of your passwords successfully.

Best Password Manager Tools

#1 KeePass Password Safe:

It is a free open source password manager which will keep your password safely. You save all of your passwords in a database as you wish, which will be locked by a master password.

keypass password manager

Download KeyPass for Windows from the official website of KeyPass http://keepass.info/

2# iPassMan V1.0

It is just a simple tool which will manage all usernames and passwords. It is a password manager tool for online account.

ipass manager

Download iPassMan from official website: http://download.cnet.com/iPassMan/3000-18501_4-10905407.html

#3 MobileWitch Pass Safe: Password Manager for PC and Mobile:

It is a strong and secure password manager tool which will work not only for PC but also for mobile. It encrypts password and it determines the highest security of the database. You just keep watching the rest of the thing.

MobileWitch Pass Safe: Password Manager for PC and Mobile:

MobileWitch Pass Safe from CNET.

#4 LastPass:

It is a popular password manager tool and you can use it. It has also an extension for Google Chrome browser.

last pass

Download LastPass from the official website of LastPass https://lastpass.com/.

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