Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy


Choosing Perfect Web Hosting Company Before Clicking on “Buy”

Choosing Best Hosting Providers For Your Site: Once you have purchased your domain and next step is to choose the hosting provider. Great hosting means three things, Speed, Support & Security. There are many hosting services providers but you need to select the best one depending on your needs. We will guide you here on how you can choose the best hosting provider for your site. So let’s jump in.

How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy
Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

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1.  Price and Offers:

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

As there are many hosting service providers on the net and they give varieties of services. Your main target should be to get the best speed, support & security at the best price. Hosting services are available in a wide range of prices ranging from a few bucks a month to thousands of dollars. If you are running a small business and getting started with your new site, you can do quite well with a cloud, virtual private server, or managed service ranging from $10 to $100 per month. Sites like Bluehost, Hostgator, NameCheap, 1&1 hosting are the best ones.

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2. Server Upgrading Options:

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

Shared web hosts are quite powerful these days. Through rough guesstimation, a shared hosting account should be enough to support a completely optimized WordPress blog with 30,000 to 40,000 monthly unique visitors. Database connections usually work your server harder and the more people you have attaching to your website at the same time, the more it will suffer performance-wise.

On a shared hosting account, things should be fine as long as you manage to limit your meeting database relationships below 20. This is why I said it’s always best to start with a shared hosting if you are new.

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3. Bandwith & Disk Usage:

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

Estimate the amount of traffic of your site. Hosting providers generally charge based on storage and bandwidth usage. Bandwidth is a measure by how many bytes you serve over a given period. If you have a few visits on your site, bandwidth will be low. But if you’re suddenly featured at the rank high in Google or your product goes viral you can expect bandwidth requirements to go up. If you need a higher amount of space for your sites, then you should take higher storage options else, you can go for hosted sharing and host multiple domains in your single hosting. You can choose the options from NameCheap hosting plans.

4. Hosting Plan & Server Types:  

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

The very cheapest hosting will always be shared hosting. There is a drawback, Shared hosting will put limits on your access to the server’s capabilities, generally limiting you to uploading files via FTP or SFTP, restricting what programs you can run on the service, preventing shell access and limiting the amount of database access and more. If you don’t want to share performance with other sites, it’s best to go for a dedicated server, it’s just like a physical box that’s rented to your site only. It’s the same as having a server sitting behind your desk, except it’s located in a service provider’s cloud. So choose if you need to be shared hosting plans or dedicated hosting plans. Dedicated hosting plans are bit more costly. If you don’t know What is Dedicated Server and VPS Server? What does it cost? get Complete Details from given above link.

5. Unlimited Storage Plans: 

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

Many hosting providers offer unlimited storage and bandwidth for a few dollars a month. This deal often isn’t what it seems to be. For example, If you pay $3/$5 bucks a month for hosting from Bluehost site then it’s a good deal for you. But if you don’t pay in the next month then the hosting provider may cancel your hosting plans and you can lose your data. So it’s always a best decision to take the hosting plans for a year.

6. Multiple Addon Domains:

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

Domain names are cheap – so cheap in fact that it is usually hard to resist not having more than one. To accommodate extra domains, we need extra hosting space. This is why it is necessary to have a web hosting account that allows adding multiple domains.

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7. Customer Service:

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

Once you have purchased a hosting, you may need additional customer services to setup your site or anytime if anything goes wrong then you might want to get additional info/help. So here comes the need for customer support. It’s very crucial for everyone unless you can fix everything by yourself. So you need to compare with site gives you the best customer support on hosting. You can check online reviews and forum and pick the best one you like.

8. Refund Policy & Free Trial Period: 

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

Should you decide to cancel your hosting plan within the trial period, does the company give a full money-back guarantee? What is the hosting company’s return policy after the trial period has ended? Are there any removal charges or extra fees? These are some basic questions you should get the answers to before signing up.

It’s important to know how your web host checks customer refunds so that you don’t lose too much money if things go wrong.

There are some hosting companies that charge absurdly high removal fees when users cancel their accounts during trial periods. Our advice? Avoid these hosting companies at all cost! On the other hand, some hosting companies provide anytime money-back guarantees where you can ask for a pro-rated refund after your trial period is over.

9. Account Suspension and Limitations:

Guide to Choose a Right Web Host Provider Before Buy

Here’s a money tip that most hosting review sites will not tell you: Hosting providers companies will pull the plug and suspend your account if you are using too much CPU power (yes, unlimited hosting is limited) or defiling the rules. So before you sign up on a web host, it is important that you read the rules.

Because the power of their shared servers is often not something they like to publicize, crouched in ornate language, you will be told somewhere in the terms and limitations that your account may be suspended or terminated for over-utilization of resources – they just usually won’t tell you how much.

It’s also fairly certain that almost ALL web hosts will not tolerate the hosting of any illegal files and/or services. So if you mean to run a website allowing people to download pirated files, you’re apparently out of luck for the most part.


These are the main essential things that you need to think of before choosing a hosting provider for your site. Compare and get the best hosting plan for your site.