Best Web Hosting (Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated & WordPress Hosting)


In my previous article, I discussed about the best free webhosting service providers. But, today I’m going to discuss about premium web hosting services. We all know the importance of the own website. To start a business or to create own portfolio/blog, a web site is very important. And the soul of a website is Web hosting. There are many web hosting companies in the internet world, all companies are good. But, you’ve to find better. Do you know, which is better? Today I’ll discuss about:

  1. Best Shared Web hosting Service providers
  2. Best VPS Hosting Service Providers
  3. Best Dedicated Servers
  4. Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers
  5. And the Best WordPress Hosting Service Providers
  • Before buying a server for your favourite website

Think, before starting an online business. Online business is very difficult. It takes too much time to stand. Time is very important for every online business. Make sure that you’ve enough time for your online business. If you don’t have not enough time for your online business or website, then don’t start it. There are many online businesses. You’ve to decide one of them. Suppose, you want to start blogging, if blogging is your passion (not a source of income), then you’ve no need to buy a web hosting plan. Use free web hosting or use But, if you want to earn money with your blog, then I recommend you for purchasing a small shared web hosting plan (Limited Plan). If you want to promote your website/blog as a brand or if you want create a multi author blog/public blog, then I recommend you for purchasing a small (Virtual Private Server) VPS plan or a small cloud hosting and a Content Delivery Network (CDN). But, if you want to start a shopping site, then never buy shared hosting, always buy a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Dedicated Server and CDN is must for a shopping site. But, if you want to create a download related website (e.g. Music download, Software Download or file download), then must buy Dedicated Server or Cloud Server.

Always buy a server from your targeted country.

If your target country in INDIA, then always buy INDIAN server. And, if your target country is the United States, then always buy US hosting or a server which is located in United States. Because the local server reduces the loading time for sites. I mean, local server reduce ping time.

Web hosting review (Best 5 companies)

Best Shared web hosting Service providers

Shared hosting is recommended for static websites and single author blogs and small business, which have less load. I recommend you for purchasing a small shared hosting plan from the following providers. Always buy a Linux server from your targeted country.

I think, you are thinking about “GoDaddy” or “Hostgator“. No, these are not in my first choice.

  1. My first choice is: “Yahoo Web Hosting“.
  2. Second Choice is: “1&1 Web Hosting“.
  3. Third Choice is: “HostGator“.
  4. Fourth Choice is: “BlueHost“.
  5. Fifth Choice is: “JustHost“.

yahoo web hosting

Best Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers

VPS hosting is recommended for those who has a medium business and who want to make Web Hosting, Designing and development business. A small VPS supports 100,000+ visitors per day.

  1. My first choice is: “VPS.NET
  2. My second choice is: “Digital Ocean“.
  3. My third choice is: “Arvixe“.
  4. My fourth choice is: “BlueHost“.
  5. And my third choice is “GoDaddy“.

vps hosting

Note: SSD is better than HDD. And Cloud is better than the SSD.

Best Dedicated Servers Hosting

I recommend dedicated servers for these websites, which have high traffic and high resource. Recommend for big companies.

  1. My first choice is: 100TB
  2. The second choice is: 1AND1
  3. The third choice is: BlueHost
  4. Fourth Choice is: EZZI
  5. Fifth Choice is: Name Cheap.

100tb dedicated hosting

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Recommend for Video Streaming Websites and Gaming Websites, which have higher load. Build and Host Your Website on Cloud server.

google cloud hosting

  1. My first choice is: Google Cloud Hosting
  2. The Second choice is: Arvixe
  3. The third choice is: Dream Host
  4. Fourth Choice is: 100TB
  5. Fifth Choice is: BlueHost (Cheap and Best).
  6. Six Choice is: VPS.NET

cloud hosting review

Note: Always try to buy a fully managed server.

Best WordPress Hosting

Fully managed VPS server is recommended for WordPress Blog/Site. Here is the list of best 5 fully managed WordPress Hosting service providers.

  1. My first choice is: “DreamHost
  2. My Second Choice is: “WP ENGINE.
  3. The third choice is: “Hostgator“.
  4. Fourth choice is: “Blue Host” (Officially recommended by
  5. Fifth Choice is: “Siteground“.
  6. My sixth choice is: GoDaddy.

Note: You’ve to add CDN (Content Delivery Network) with every website to speed up your site.

Next review: The best CDN service providers.

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