Best Free Logo Makers & Tips to Create Your Company Logo


Making a logo that can compete against professional designer logos takes time. Usually small enterprises and startups lack the funds to hire a dedicated designer team to make a perfect logo for their brand. But it’s possible to create a logo if you know the basics and a few tips for logo designing.

With the help of the logo maker tool and a little research, you, too, can make an impressive company logo. This article will recommend the best logo designing tools and tips to help you create a brand logo.

Tips to Create Your Company Logo

Company Logo Maker

An ideal logo is simple, easy to understand, memorable, and eternal. Remember the following tips to make a logo that follows all these criteria.

i. Covey a Message

A good logo is the only thing required to understand a company. A logo must convey the message of the company. While making a logo for your company, remember that the logo must visually represent everything your company stands for.

ii. Understand Your Audience

The audience is the one we are making a logo for, not the company. Thinking from the audience’s perspective can give you many ideas about your logo design. Try to make a brand logo that directly connects with the audience.

Understand Audience

iii. Get Some Inspiration from Competitors

Competitors are the best way to understand audiences’ needs. Every new startup needs to be made aware of the mindset of the greater masses. It’s easy to identify their preferences by looking at successful companies.

Established companies understand their audiences best, so taking inspiration from them is a good idea.

iv. Select the Correct Colors and Typography

While making a logo either with an online logo maker tool or by yourself, it’s essential to choose the colors and typography wisely. Every color represents an emotion. It’s sorely up to you and your company which emotions you want to highlight using your brand logo.

v. Feedback Logo

After completing the final design of your logo, it’s crucial to take some feedback on it. You can get it from employees or the audience. The feedback will tell you if there is anything to change before you make it your company logo.

Now you are all set to make a perfect logo for your company. Just keep the tips in mind and use any one of the logo-maker tools given below.

Best Free or Affordable Logo Makers Tools

Affordable Logo Makers Tools

Many logo-maker tools, like the etsy logo maker, are available online, but most cost you money. However, the free platforms help make a variety of logos. Different logo makers are present to fulfill needs for various niches. Pick the one that resonates with your band’s needs.

#1. Canva

Canva is one of the best free logo-maker tools online. It has hundreds of free logo templates available. It helps you to start making a logo with an easy drag-down dashboard, making it easier and more fun.

Also, premium templates are available to avail at a meager cost. Canva is a graphic designing tool that gives us more features and freedom of imagination. It also provides the user with access to download high-resolution pictures for free.

#2. Logaster

Logaster has a database of millions of free logo design. By entering the name of a website, it gives AI-generated logos, banners, and postcards with variable designs. The dashboard is easy to use and allows us to make new logos using pre-existing formats.

Users can easily make and compare hundreds of logos and download them in high resolution free of cost.

#3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix also has an easy drag-and-drop dashboard in addition to many logo-designing tools free to use. The AI generates a matching logo for your company by taking information about your company and services.
The tools customize themselves to their user’s needs and preferences, making it easier and more convenient. The Premium version is also available for premium designs and applications at decent rates.

#4. Designhill

Designhill is a unique platform for getting new design ideas and logo feedback. Besides its logo design features, it is also an open-crowd-sourcing platform. It allows its user to make contests for logo design creating new logo designs in the process.

The dashboard is easy to use, and there are many free designs for inspiration. Offers are affordable and offer value for money.

#5. Hatchful

Hatchful is a simple yet effective logo maker. It has many templates to use and eases its user to make stunning logos in a few steps. The app also uses machine learning that eases the process.

Hatchful design allows you to search logos related to a particular business niche and select the perfect logo. On top of that, you can download the created logo in high resolution for free.

#6. Squarespace logo maker

Squarespace logo maker tool gives a visual representation of your logo printed on t-shirts, business cards, and a website. The tools make it easy to make a professional logo with the help of integrated designs.

Squarespace has a sublime interference with customizable text and icon features making it a perfect logo maker.

#7. Graphicsprings

Graphicsprings is an AI-synchronized website that recommends logos based on your company name. The easy-to-use interference can make a logo in minutes and give you more time to customize particular designs.

The advanced premium features are affordable and give advanced facilities to the user. Graphicsprings is a one-tap solution to make a perfect logo for a website.

#8. Etsy logo

The free designs are sometimes not enough to fulfill your company’s needs. So, you can buy some premium-looking logos from Etsy Logo at meager prices. Etsy logo is a renowned website that provides classy logos. Thousands of logos are available to buy according to your company’s niche.


A good logo is crucial for brand development. Thus, take your time to make one for your company. Follow the tips given in the article and reach out accordingly. Remember that a logo is for the audience.

Take the necessary help from the logo maker tools online to give your logo a classy and unique look. All the tools provided in the article are best in their way, and you can use any of them to make a perfect logo.