What is Dedicated Server and VPS Server? What does it cost? Know it


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What is Dedicated Hosting /Server?

The server is nothing. This is just a computer. But, many short sized computers can be kept together in one place.

However, I will tell you very easily that what Dedicated Hosting/Server is. A computer when you can use it as a server it is called Dedicated Server. And this dedicated server is called Dedicated Hosting. If you think, then you can define it in a very difficult way. However, it is the main thing.

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Different Kinds of Dedicated Server:

  1. Linux Dedicated Server… Approximate price is Rs: 8000/-
  2. Windows Dedicated Server: Approximate Price Rs: 8000 /-
  3. Game Dedicated Server: Approximate price Rs: 25000 /-
  4. Email Dedicated Server: Approximate price Rs: 15000 /-
  5. VoIP Dedicated Server: Approximate price Rs: 11,000 /-

All the amounts are in Indian Rupee (INR).

What is VPS Hosting or server?

The full form of VPS is virtual Private Server. No problem if you don’t understand it. When a software divides the computer into some pieces of the server, then it is called VPS. Hopefully, you understand it. Easier to say that if you divide the dedicated server, then the every part of the dedicated server is called VPS.

Different Kinds of VPS:

  1. Linux VPS: Approximate price Rs. 2000 /-
  2. Windows VPS: approximate price Rs. 1500/-
  3. Managed VPS (cpanel/whm install): approximate price: 4000/-

Now which server is better?

If you want to know that which server is better I will tell you a about the dedicated server.  This is because when a computer is turned into a VPS, then power or the speed is divided into the divides VPS. Suppose that a load has suddenly fallen upon VPS but there is no load on the rest of the VPS and the others VPS do not help the main VPS. As the dedicated server is fully computerized, so if the load is suddenly fallen upon site, then keeping the other sites, it may use the rest of the speed. So, according to me, this dedicated server or hosting is far better.

You may adjust the configuration in dedicated server, but in VPS you have to tolerate the complexity of the VPS configuration.

But, I don’t tell you that VPS is bad. If your site is personal and if the visitors do not come into your site then I will tell you that VPS is the best. Because, the price of the dedicated hosting is more than the VPS.  So, why do you waste money?

If the visitors of your site are enough, then you may take a full VPS. It would be the best. Your site will run by a one VPS. So, speed is not a problem. If you think that VPS cannot support your site, then it is better to take dedicated server.

What is the task of the Windows VPS?

Basically, Windows VPS is a virtual computer by which high speed and fast speed internet can be done. It never hangs, never shuts, never disconnects network. But the funny thing is an execution of our VPS servers are much faster than the slow -speed Internet. As a result, any slippage or not any requote problem does not occur. And those who always wanted to, but they cannot stay in front of a laptop or PC, if they want they easily log into the VPS server and easily what their PC via mobile and controls the server from mobile. For this, there are so many apps in Google Play Store.

Windows VPS

The things that you can do that with the VPS: 

  1. The work of video upload and download. (Those who operate movie sites.)
  2. The work of E-token (Those who work on Indian VISA or the VISA related work)

3. The work of Forex.

There are many hosting service providers provide VPS Hosting in India. As well as:

  1. BigRock
  2. Godaddy
  3. BlueHost
  4. Hostgator

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