How Does YouTube Next Video and Autoplay Works? YouTube Suggestion


Do you know How Does YouTube Next Video and Autoplay Works? Ok, first you know, what is the “Suggested Next Videos” or “Up Next” videos So, Next AutoPlay videos or “Up Next” videos are displayed next to or below the video a user is watching. They are automatically selected based on several factors, including what is currently being watched. As per YouTube’s Algorithm Update the Youtube’s Autoplay work on 2 things:

How Does YouTube Next Video and Autoplay Works? YouTube Suggestion

How Does YouTube Next Video and Autoplay Works? YouTube Suggestion
How Does YouTube Next Video and Autoplay Works? YouTube Suggestion

Number 1. If the videos are in a playlist and it is set has “official playlist” then, the next video that comes up automatically, will be from the playlist, even if the user is not playing a playlist, but an individual video.

For Example:

We have an official playlist on “Microsoft Office 2013 Tutorial in the Bengali Language”. So, if I search on Google for the keyword “Microsoft word 2013 tutorial in Bengali” – then you see that our videos are coming at the first position. Now, if you click on that video for watching, then you see the “Part 2” of this videos series is showing at the right side of your video for playing next.

YouTube Next and Autoplay Works
YouTube Next and Autoplay Works

And if that video does not belong to any playlist or series then, YouTube tries to “sense” what to show to its viewers after any given video.

YouTube Suggest the Next Video and AutoPlay

Number 2: Sometimes it depends on the video and what similarities or tagging its shares. If there is a video about how to cook chili chicken, many other videos will be tagged along the right-side of the video to show similar videos to instruct you how to cook chili chicken or other chicken or cooking related videos.

Basically, what happens YouTube will show next video to which the major population had played after that particular video and watched for a long time.

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For Example:

If you play anyone of our YouTube Related Videos tutorial and if you watch that video till the end, then YouTube will think that you are enjoying the video. And YouTube will recommend the similar videos of our channel along with other channels’ videos in the sidebar. And if you watch more videos from our channel, then YouTube will suggest a lot of videos from our channel. And YouTube may suggest our videos in the Up next section -So Focus, this is because the major population after watching to YouTube Related Tutorial, they watch Next YouTube related videos.

How Does YouTube Next Video and Autoplay Works? YouTube Suggestion


The same way Facebook suggests you profiles to add them as friends. It uses data structure algorithms. One common data structure is a graph. You might be familiar with graph search for Facebook. Same might be the method to suggest next video play on youtube.

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So, this is one of their most powerful recommendations areas drive a huge amount of engagement on YouTube. So YouTube is trying to find the next thing that you want to watch so unlike the homepage. Which is really centered on you only YouTube has some additional context of what you’re currently watching now. And the YouTube team is always trying to give us the best recommendation to engage us.

All right, so now – how YouTube recommend videos on the Home page, in-app notifications, and suggested videos among other places.

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So search similar to watch next YouTube has some more context there because you’ve given YouTube a query so in general the YouTube algorithm is going to you know start with what you would imagine which is the YouTube algorithm going to find videos that match that query either in the title or the descriptions or maybe they have seen that people who search for this query tend to watch these sorts of videos and so YouTube will start with a set of relevant videos and similar to what I was referring to earlier. There’s this feed loop so you might say hey I have a thumbnail of an iPhone and I have the next iPhone in my thumbnail and my title is all about iPhone review and in my description.

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And actually, YouTube recommends videos as per your activity on YouTube, Google, and Chrome. And YouTube shows search results, recommendations on the Home page, in-app notifications, and suggested videos.

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How Does YouTube Suggest the Next Video & Play it Automatically?

My Last Words:

Hopefully, you enjoy this article How Does YouTube Next Video and Autoplay Works? YouTube Suggestion. If you have any quarries then you comment below at the comment section.

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