Blogging vs Vlogging (YouTube Channel) – Pick the right one as an online career


Before going to the main content, you should know that what is Blogging? And what is Vlogging? After telling about that, I compared the differences between Blogging vs Vlogging.

Blogging: In a word blogging is one type of online personal diary or personal paper or documents. I’ve published a lot of articles on blogging. Such as –

Vlogging: Vlogging means video blogging. Where a vlogger (creator) publish video contents every day like blogging. But the content is video content. Read more about vlogging.

Popular vlogging platforms are:

Blogging vs Vlogging – which is the best platform to earn money online?

YouTube (Vlogging)

Website (Blogging)

YouTube is video hosting platform and it is managed by the Google.A website is a self-hosted platform and it is managed by you.
YouTube gives partial control to the users.You have the full control on your own Website.
You’ve to obey the rules of YouTube (I mean the Privacy/Policy).For the website, you can create your own rules and the privacy and policies.
YouTube may ban you at any moment for any reason if you break their rules.For the website, you will never be banned – because you are the owner of your website. But, if you break the Govt. Laws, then Govt. may seize your website and you may go to the prison.
You’ve no need to pay money for creating an account on YouTube.You’ve to spend some money on creating your own website. As well as, you’ve to buy a domain name, you’ve to pay for hosting.


Blogging vs Vlogging
Blogging vs Vlogging

So, let we come to the comparison (Blogging vs Vlogging). Suppose, you will give you a product review. So, for giving the product review to YouTube you will be needed a physical product and you’ve to buy it first. Then, you’ll be needed to write the script, which is very time-consuming matter. You need a good place (I mean studio.), for recording the video, a minimum quality camera, a good quality microphone, video editing software, a well-configured PC for video editing and the knowledge of video editing and the good internet speed for uploading the video to YouTube and you need a follower base for getting views on your video.

Content Making: But, if you want to give a review on the same product in writing. Then write the product review, description, features and publish it to your blog. So, it is very easy. In another side, you’ve to make branding your YouTube Channel and you need a face to show your fan followers. But, for the website, anyone can write, anyone can cover the article of your team and publish to your blog. For covering an instant news, the website is the very effective way. Because you have not time for recording, editing and publishing the video.

Competition: For websites, the competition level is too high. Suppose, a product has newly launched. You want to know about the product, you’ll not get the physical video review of the product. But, you will get lots of articles available on the internet.

Copyright: For the website, anyone can copy your article instantly and publish it to their own blog after rewriting. You could not do anything. But, if anyone publishes your video to YouTube then you can give copyright strike to the channel.

Revenue Sharing: YouTube gives 51% revenue share and for the website, Google gives 68% revenue share. Online money making is not a joke, it requires huge patience and hard work. YouTube or blog, both are good. But blogging is best for making passive income. On the other side, YouTube is also a good option, to make money.

Conclusion: Both are good platforms to build on. However, each needs a huge amount of traffic in order to make a good income from it. If you want to know my decision, then I recommend you for doing both.

With that said, it’s probably a good idea to assess your own skills and see if you’re better as a writer or a camera personality. You can always do both, to begin with, to see what you prefer. However, in order to get the amount of traffic you need to make a good income, you’ll need to be putting out really good content which you can only do if you’re actually good at it. I think u won’t make any money until you redefine something completely or better, bring out something unique. I think YouTube pays like salary and Blogging is a risk. But if you create a completely unique type of blog (necessary), then you are done! No job required!

Ok, no more today, see you in the next article.

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