How to Grow a Fanbase on YouTube


Starting a YouTube channel could be a life-changing decision. For some people, YouTube has turned from a hobby to a full-time job! In other words – they became “YouTube famous.” Somehow, they managed to build a strong fanbase and are now some of the most successful and influential people on earth.

Grow a Fanbase on YouTube

Grow a Fanbase on YouTube
Grow a Fanbase on YouTube

If you just started creating content for YouTube and your goal is to turn it into “something more,” you’re going to need a loyal, active fanbase. In this article, we’ll present several methods you can use to grow your fanbase and make your way to YouTube fame.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is the first key to gaining more fans on YouTube. If you wish to establish a deeper connection with your subscribers and viewers, you must be authentic. Don’t try to imitate other YouTubers for popularity. Just be yourself and rest assured, people will love you for who you are.

Create Great Content

If you want to catch peoples’ eyes, you’ll need to create something worth watching. Learn from the best and take notes: what are they doing right? How can you apply this to your own content? What will make your content “pop”?

Consistency Matters

Try to upload videos consistently. Now that you’re making great content, you best believe your fans are going to hang off the edge of their seats in anticipation for your next upload. If they know when the next video is coming, they’ll let everyone else know that something great is brewing.

YouTube Fanbase
YouTube Fanbase

Stay Connected

Interact! Take part in the discussions going on in the comments section and show the people that you care for them. Try to reply to comments and go on other peoples’ channels and leave a comment, as well. Stay active and try to make people become your loyal fans through best communication.

Go beyond YouTube

You should have accounts on other social media to engage the audience towards your channel. You should share your amazing videos on several social media to grow your fanbase. This technique is essential because people are found to get more engaged in different social media than on YouTube, and linking and sharing your content on multiple platforms can definitely raise public awareness.

Use Social Proof To Your Advantage

Social proof means that if you more than just a few subscribers and views, people will be much more inclined to “hop on the bandwagon.” It’s a numbers game: the higher your counters are, the more attractive people think you are. You can do this by buying YouTube views from reputable sources. This method proved to be so efficient that both big and small creators use it daily.

With these methods and techniques into your YouTube routine, you will find that building a fanbase isn’t as hard as it sounds. Having a large fanbase will motivate you to create more content. As long as you remember to have fun and interact with your audience, growing on YouTube should be a breeze. Stay true to yourself, and good luck!