Some simple and effective ways of income dollar from online


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine. Today I will talk about YouTube Adsense income. I’m saying before that, those who have worked with YouTube Adsense recently, this post is not for them. This post is for them who are wanting to work with YouTube Adsense or just have started.

How to Make Money From Online?


In spite of that, those who have started to do YouTube, but view has not come or if view comes but income has not come like that, there are some tips and tricks for them. I hope it will work for all.

Let’s start this:

#1. General Direction:

Let’s take a look about what is YouTube AdSense in this post very easily. What qualifications will need? What instruments will need? How will you start? How to continue this, normally all these themes have been discussed.


#2. Making Channel:

You will need first a YouTube channel for working with YouTube AdSense. There have been shown that how to open a full YouTube channel in the correct way by opening Gmail ID..

#3. Decorate Channel as Professionals:

It is ok that you opened channel. But as you will use channel for incoming money that’s why your channel needs to be professionals. There have been seen that how to upload video by decorating your channel beautifully and correct way with SEO friendly in this post.

#4. Apply for Adsense by launching monetize:

When you will make stand your channel somewhat by uploading some unique videos then you have to monetize your videos. In other word you have to launch to shoe ad in videos. Mainly Google Adsense cum advertiser companies will give you money for showing all this ad. After monetizing you have to make connecting your YouTube channel with AdSense.

#5. Some techniques of increasing view:

When you will finish works from creating a channel to uploading video until to connect AdSense then there will be left for you that only unbrokening the rule of video upload and ranking videos by increasing view subscriber. How much view will be there, that much ad click and ad impression will increase, total thing is your income will increase. There have discussed with explanation in this video that before and after uploading video, how to increase video’s view by working which thing of SEO, how to bring video’s rank.

#6. The techniques of increasing subscriber:

It will be not done if you increase view only, with that you have to increase subscriber of your channel. For that you need optimizing your channel, in other word making SEO of your channel.

#7. Increasing subscriber with custom subscribe link:

There are many tricks of increasing subscriber. One is-bringing making custom subscriber link and sharing that in several places. If you do this then you will get a popup for subscribing your driving visitor. In it your subscriber will increase. This type of many tricks will be given in the next.

#8. Some effective techniques of increasing earning:

Many people say that “brother! I’m getting view, but my earning has not come so well”. You can see this post for increasing your earning. Here some techniques have been discussed which if you apply, then your earning will increase more.

And we work with audio to make a YouTube video. So learning audio editing is important.

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