Google Recommended On Page SEO Strategies for Website Owners


I hope all of you are fine, I’m also fine. Before starting the writing, please forgive me if any mistake happens and I can’t write very well so sorry for that.

If the thing about SEO of good quality comes in our mind, then two plans wonder in our mind that are on-page and off-page. Come, we try to know a little bit about on-page SEO.

Do you know Google Recommended On Page SEO Strategies for Websites?

SEO Tricks
SEO Tricks

I tell you at first, here about which point has been said that are ok for now, but there is no guarantee that it will be ok for tomorrow also. I will try always for keeping an updated list with the time.

At one time there was on-page SEO, which means only metatag + keyword density. But it is not that now it has no value. But juxtapose of this two, now some important issue has been newly added. Come, let’s know about of that.

Remember able URL:

Have you seen by copying link of any news of the first light magazine, how does it show? Now do it once. If you see that link after, I’m somewhat sure that you can’t say that the news was on which matter.

For that you have to make sure search engine friendly URL. Actually, search engine friendly means, you can say visitor friendly URL also.

Let’s see an example:

  • Friend:
  • Unfriend:
  • Or,

How much each article URL is small of blog, it is so good for that. And make sure, don’t forget to add target keyword.

Title + Keyword:

Title tag on-page SEO is the important part. If you add keyword in the title, then it will be better. But there is a thing that how much in front side of the  title you will give it is better that much from you.

Suppose, you have written an article with tips on link building. Try to start the title tag with keyword Link Building Tips.

Time Suitable Title:

Have you seen ever title in Bengali online magazines? Those who are running online magazines, for me each of them is psychologist of large scale, I don’t know why I think like that. Using such all titles you are forced to read. Titles are as same like that if you see, you will wish to read. If you have time, then read online magazines some days.

SEO Trick
SEO Trick

Title + H1 Tag:

I am a blind fan of WordPress as CMS. I think you are not also the exception of it. You will use definitely H1 tag for this title. Generally it stays default in themes of WordPress. But, check after that also is all correct or not?


Fun and learn these two things if you keep side by side like eyes, then nothing is to say about that. Have you tried to see something by closing your one eyes any time?  If you don’t do, then now try to do now. You will understand the difference yourself.

Your article must be funny mood. Your article is more informative, but if you read it seems like the writing of grandfather Bankim, then all your work will be wasted.

Try to make it understand, tell story, video, small movie middle of the writing.

Subheading + H2:

There are how many keyword related subheading in article that much is good for you. But remember this matter doesn’t go into the phase of spamming. Now the thing is how search engines will understand that this line is a subheading in the article. For this you have to use the H2 tag.

If there is an H2 tag, then search engines will take that as a subheading.

First Keyword:

Main writing of an article was started. But now thing is in the article when you will use first keyword. In this case, it is the best if you can use this keyword with at the first line of first paragraph. And if you don’t, then try to give it within the first 100-150 words.


Mobile Friendly:

But in last year Google said that they have given more importance to these mobile friendly sites. And if you don’t do then possibility is more to go bamboo garden of slate on behind. So don’t forget to response your website.

Praise others:

If there is a writing related to your writing, recommend his writing. Which calls increasing quantity of outbound link in the writing. If Google sees this outbound then it will understand actually that on which matter this article is written. The concept of many people- visitor will go from his site if outbound link is given. Matter is not like that.

Going to a search engine, if you search by writing Nil Patel then you will see you will see its own blog quick sprout and Nil Patel will stay at the beginning. But, after that there will be other sites which have talked about Nil Patel. For this, if there is written about any person of the large scale type of quantity, then you can come in good place by less working.


If you read any article in Wikipedia then you will see there is the use of internet link of massive quantity. You also use the internet link like Wikipedia. But remember matter is not like totally Wikipedia.

Hmm, you will use link obviously on a large scale like Wikipedia, if you have quality as same like blog’s Wikipedia.

But generally using link of 2/3 internal links I each article.

Increase Speed:

Do you believe or not, the present era is the era of speed. You try always, if everything would be complete with thinking, then it will be better.

To understand this matter well wonder from flashback when there was bad condition of internet speed in our country. It would seem to see the internet speed, I’m searching and my grandchildren will come.

Website Speed Optimization
Website Speed Optimization

Now that time is history. But, if your blog’s speed has like before then you will be become history to visitors + Google. Your site must load within four seconds. Which site takes more time to load in that site visitors don’t want to go.

You can take help of Google for seeing the load time of the page. Go to here for knowing well more than that.

Keyword related Keyword:

Make a list of keywords related to the main keyword. In the next, try to use at the time of writing that article, you will get good results.

Come, let’s see a good plan. Suppose, you have chosen 20 keyword for your blog. Now for each article, write at least one article of 2000 word, it must be better than your opponent. Use that keywords at the time of writing article.

After then use that article as an internal link.

Use of Picture:

How much partition is there in the hard drive of computer? I imagined 4 partitions as usual C, Movie, Song and Tutorial. Now you will not keep the video of python programming definitely in movie drive.

Try to keep the name of pictures of blog like that, search engines can understand on which subject that picture was. Use here define ALT Text of the picture. And don’t forget to use keyword definitely in Alt Text.

If you use WordPress as CMS, then it will be a benefit of optimizing picture. That options have been given with each picture.

Modern Social Article:

To rank any article more good give importance to three things.

If you make sure (writing + backlink + social position) of good quality, then it is almost sure rank will go in good place in search engine. But definitely you have to make sure that matter honestly. If you take help of any type of naughtiness then search engines will get you out of the field without any type of warning.

Social Sharing
Social Sharing

So, there is the management of social sharing in the article. The management of social share increases the quantity of social share of the article.

Count the number of pages:

If I ask you that “have you remembered that such type of sir, who used to give marks on counting of page of exercise book?” I’m almost sure about that you will tell “hmm”. Actually, Google has become like that now. But, here it will be not enough of writing articles, but also it has to be better than others.

If your article is worse than your opponent, then your opponent will be #1 and you will lose as a spammer in deep sea.

Each article must be written at least about 2000 words.

Article Writing
Article Writing

If you search by any keyword in Google then you will see which first 10 articles are shown, each of them is written of 1900+ words.

Then, why will you fill blog by writing small article? It is better to write 20 articles extraordinary of 2000 words than small articles of 100 words.

Came and Went:

Do you remember such a restaurant where you had been given rotten food by giving affectionate you so much? Now if someone offers you that you will be eaten in that restaurant. But not thinking anything, you will tell him “Please forgive me for God sake, find another”.

Google evaluates blog’s visitors like that. If any visitor enters in blog and makes good result, then Google will seem that your article’s quality is not good. So, try to do such thing that a visitor can’t do like “came and went”.

Standard related Writing:

Here I have said many times about good article. But, now if someone asks me that “say about the quality of good article, but I will not able to say all myself, even I have doubts that anyone can do of this world. Because good thing is correlative. Which thing is good to me, that thing may not be good for you.

But we can take some variable for the ranking of a good article. It may be in:

  • How is the quantity  of coming back visitors again and again?
  • If anyone has kept bookmark in chrome?
  • How is the quantity of searching your brand in Google by anyone?
  • How is the condition of browse, rate?

The actual thing is, in such a way finish article that you become happy about finishing it. After reading opponent’s articles where you seemed that it would be better if it has more details. Mention that places in your article very well.


There is the arrangement of review of each good product. The arrangement of the review says that how the quality of their product. For judging the quality of article, keep chance to comment definitely.


Try to give reply to each comment.

Update articles of base on the comments.

Click at Advertisement:

Many people think “how much click falls in Google’s advertisement from your blog, Google gives importance on this matter.” If you think this matter logically then you will see this thing is right if any visitor comes to your site by searching from Google.

I supposed, Google has given our site #1 rank. Everybody now is coming into your site, but anybody don’t click on the advertisement. Google don’t have a problem to understand this that there is any problem on your site.

But never don’t try to increase rates by thinking yourself like cunning fox. Remember always that Google is very clever, it keeps all history of each work. If you think yourself too smart then it is the possibility almost to go at behind 100%.

Inform your opinion definitely.

If you have any question then comment, I will try of my level best to give answer definitely. At least I will try to improve more in future.

Thank you…

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