Best WordPress Themes For Blogs [Free & Paid] Website 2019


Best WordPress Themes For Blogs [Free & Paid] Website 2019. If you maintain a Blog or a WordPress Website then, You should know the speed of your site or blog and how it affects your blog. If you are new to this field and you do not know why the speed of your website is very slow, then I tell you that, The speed of your site can also be very slow due to the theme. Apart from this, there are many other reasons to slow your website speed, but this is an important reason, which has a lot of impact on the speed of your site.

top 5 WordPress themes you must have seen that Most of the people are like to use the fastest website or blog site, We also use the fastest Website or Blog more. Because it saves our time and we are not even bored.

If you are new in this field, and you are looking for a Best WordPress Themes for your new WordPress Website then in this article I will tell you about 5 Best WordPress Themes 2019 (Free & Paid).

Best WordPress Themes For Blogs

Best WordPress themes for blogs
Best WordPress themes for blogs 2019

Test Load Time of Your Blog or Website

If you want to see your blog or Website Load Time and then you must have to visit these website given billow for testing your website speed and problem and solution.

Important Tips

  • Load Time of your Blog should be Less than 2 seconds.
  • You must have to Decrease the Total Page Size.
  • Minimum requests.
  • Your site’s speed should be the best in all words.

Best WordPress Themes For Blogs 2019 [Fastest Loading, Free & Paid]

 WordPress Themes
Best WordPress Themes 2019

What is WordPress Themes?

WordPress Themes is a Design or Layout of your Website or Blog. Using this themes You can change your blog or Website Design according to the themes. It can be changed easily on the WordPress sites.

These Features Should Include in The WordPress Themes

Thousands of free and paid themes will be available for WordPress, but there are few themes provide all type of features.

1. Mobile Responsive

While selecting the theme, check whether it is mobile friendly or not, that means it looks properly on a mobile browser or not.

2. Themes Loading Speed

The loading speed of the theme is significant if your blog takes too much time to open then the user will exit from your blog.

3. SEO Ready

If you chose SEO Ready themes, then your Blog will rank well on Google. So your blog can be easily searchable on Google.

4. AdSense Ready

With this, you can earn well from your blog.

5. Third-party Plugin Integration

There are some WordPress themes also provide plugins for free with their themes.

Apart from this, you can also make your blog more advanced using social media ready, theme updates, header-footer settings, etc.

List Of Best WordPress Themes for Blogs

Wordpress Themes for blogs 2019
Best 5 WordPress Themes

1. Newspaper

Newspaper is a very popular WordPress Theme it has been purchased 50000+ times on ThemeForest. It is the best WordPress themes for blogs. It is good looking and awesome design, and It is also very easy to use so, people around the world love it very much. It does not require any advance information. Simply install it in your WordPress panel and follow its instructions Step-by-Step Instructions to make your website.

2. Sahifa

Sahifa is the best WordPress theme for blogging it is a multi-purpose theme that can be used to create every kind of website or blog. Its layout, design, feature is so great that it seems very attractive at a glance. This theme has a lot of features for blogging. If blogging your profession then buy this theme today.


OCEANWP is a free WordPress theme that can be used to create a multi-purpose website. It is looking beautiful You can build an awesome great looking website using this with WordPress theme. You can download this theme from

4. Herald

Herald is a modern WordPress theme. Coding information not required for this theme. Its drag and drop Setting are so strong and easy you enjoy very much while you set up this theme on your blog or website. It has more than 500 layouts and unlimited sidebar on this theme. It is the best theme for blogging.


Voice is also a good example for magazine/blogging. This WordPress theme has built according to the eCommerce website, That means you can sell any kind of product on it. This is the best WordPress theme for the new blogger because its setting panel is very simple. If you want to create a blog on WordPress, then buy and download this theme today.

All the themes given above are good ratings it uses people of all over the world.

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