The best Google Keyword Planner alternative tool for SEO experts and selection of buying keyword


Google Keyword Planner tool is the very important tool improving RPM of Google AdSense Earning? But actually, this tool has been designed only for the Google AdWord users (Advertisers) to get the targeting keyword for reaching their advertisement to the correct users. – you know Google AdWord is the best platform for advertising your product and the keyword planner tool is a part of it. Google Adsense (Publishers) users also use this tool get the actual keywords and to put those keywords inside their content.

The best Google Keyword Planner alternative tool

Generally, we depend on Google Keyword Planner tools for selecting the keyword. But now exact search volume is not seen like previous time by Google Keyword Planner. For which we face many problems. Especially new people can’t get understand anything.

Then no way is open for newer? Or those who are wanting to start is opened anyway to do in free of cost for them..? Definitely, it has the way. Today I will discuss such matter.

I depended on Google Keyword Planner for keyword research some days ago. But in last 2-3 months. I have seen by opening keyword planner or not, I can’t remember. It’s mean you have understood that I’m not using keyword planner. I’m using an alternative of keyword planner. And that is totally free. That is SEMRush. You may have thought I’m saying just extra about SEMRush. Because SEMRuch is limited in free. But in present, I depend totally on SEMRush for keyword research. Let’s discuss that how to use SEMRush at free of cost totally?

Keyword panel of SEMRush

If you want to research with SEMRush then first log in by email and password. Clicking on the drop-down button of keyword analytics from the right side, then click on SEO keyword magic option.

Keyword panel of SEMRush

Entering root keywords

Now enter there any root keyword. I entered by writing scope. Now how many types of keywords are there by this scoop, SEMRush will show you all.

root keyword

Buying keyword filtering

Now we will find out the buying keywords by filtering keyword. For that we will search this buying keywords like “best, review, quality, buy, cheap, top, guide, and discount” in include keyword box. It will be seen in it, how much there are buying keywords, all will present in front of us.

Buying keyword filtering
Buying keyword filtering

Keyword Difficulty Filtering

Generally, SEMRush shows a little bit keyword difficulty. In SEMRush if KD is below 76 generally then that is mentioned as fair or acceptable keyword difficulty. Which keywords will be stayed in this limitation, generally that’s competition becomes low. And working with this, rank can be done easily. At the time of filtering, you will filter with lowest 1 and highest 76. Then you will get working keywords easily.

Keyword Difficulty Filtering

Search volume of SEMrush

In spite of this, you can filter search volume also if you want. Search volume of SEMRush shows something less than Google Keyword Planner. If SEMRush becomes 720, 880, 2400 then it will be 1000, 1200, 3000 in keyword planner. I have checked these personally.

SEMRush Keyword Difficulty (KD) Vs. Long Tail Pro Keyword competitiveness (KC)  

If keyword difficulty is below of 76 in SEMrush then keyword competitiveness (KC) will be 30 or below of 30. If KC is below of 30 in Long Tail Pro then work can be done with that keyword and rank can be done easily. In this case, KD is below of 76 of SEMRush then work can be done with that keyword. I have examined myself the difference between KD and KC with many keywords.

SEMRush Keyword Difficulty (KD) Vs. Long Tail Pro

Limitation and Solution

In SEMRush SEO Keyword Magic tools could be used unlimited at free of cost. But now they have made free account limitation. Now more of 10 keywords can’t be checked with a free account.

In this case, if you want to research more keyword then you can make more accounts. In this case, you can research 20 keywords with two accounts. If you make 5 accounts then you can research 50 keywords. Daily researching 50 keywords is enough for you. You are getting all benefits together. This is the best way for new. And if you need other tools for requiring project work then you can buy SEOgroupBuy at 15 dollar for 1 month.

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