Tricks to Increase Google Adsense Earning 2019 Revenue


Want to increase Adsense Earning? Increase Your Adsense Earning by 400 Percent. Many of us have some kind of ideas that if somehow they able to get the Adsense account then the earning won’t be a matter, it will come to us automatically. But simply that is not correct thinking. Today in this post I am going to share Tricks to Increase Google Adsense Earning 2019. Make Money Online Using Google Adsense.

Tricks to Increase Google Adsense Earning 2019 Revenue

Tricks to Increase Google Adsense Earning 2019 Revenue


To earn some decent money from Adsense you must work hard and go through according to some formulas.

You may find lots of bloggers who are making decent money over the year and you may start thinking you can do it too. Yes, you are right, but what I have mentioned earlier that making some decent money from Adsense is really not an easy task at all.

To do better and make some decent amount of money I have done several experiments and some of the experiments worked for me. That’s why today I am going to tell you how you can increase your Adsense earnings by 400 percent.

Tricks to Increase Google Adsense Earning 2019 Revenue

increase adsense earning 2019

  • Write Post by  Keyword Research:

Good bloggers write posts according to the reader’s needs, intention and the possibility of making money from the particular keyword. Their first research then starts writing about any particular thing.

Summation of profitable keyword research and competition is called keyword research and it’s one of the main factors in revenue increases.

You may already be heard the word CPC (Cost Per Click) which is normally paid by the advertisers and Google says that they pay maximum 68 percent of the CPC to the publishers.

For example, if an advertiser pay 2$ for an ad then Google can pay you 1.36$ max.

So to make some decent money from Adsense you must consider CPC and the volume of monthly average search.

To do keyword research Google keyword planner tool can be used. Alternatively, you can use Google Adwords’ Keyword Planner tool. When you research your keyword the following things you should consider:

  1. CPC Rate
  2. Monthly Search Volume
  3. Enough Advertisers
  4. The possibility of Keyword Searching for a Long Time

To measure the possibility of keyword searching for a long time period you can use Google Trends.

keyword planner tool

Research keywords can increase the number of visitors of your blog and increases of visitors means the chance of getting more clicks. So try to write a post based on target keyword and you will see your revenue from AAdsenseis increasing rapidly.

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  • Authentic and Quality Content:

One of the main conditions of getting more revenue from Adsense is providing quality and authentic content to the readers. That’s why you always should keep in mind that your content is 100% unique and quality.

The site has more quality content has the possibility of getting higher paying ads than the other site and Google wants to pay more CPC to the sites. So you can understand how important it is to provide quality and unique content to the readers. So to increase the revenue from Adsense you have to write quality content regularly.

  • Traffic Increasing:

For any kind of business, traffic equals to money. So to increase your Adsense earning you must increase your traffic and you know without SEO you can’t able to increase your blog traffic.

So if you want to increase your Adsense earnings by 400 percent you must make your blog super SEO friendly and you have regularly optimized your blog for the search engine.

  • Right Placement of Ads:

Placement of ads is one the most import things and it can make a huge difference of your Adsense earning. Always you have to experiment where is the best place to set ads and which ads get more clicks and revenues.

The CPC of Adsense sometimes depends on where you are posting the ads. In my experiences, I have seen that the CPC is much higher when I post the ad below the post title.

Ads Placement Example:

Below the post title, you can use Large Rectangle 336 x 280 and the below the whole post you can use large Leaderboard 728×90.

One of the best things by placing ads on the starting and ending is the chance of getting more click. On the other hand, you know Google always try to show relevant ads so after reading your post title or the whole post, your readers can click on the ads for more resources.

Free tips: Personally, I would say you can change your ads background according to your site’s background, so your reader may not understand that this is an advertisement.

  • Block Irrelevant Ads:

As we know that Google shows relevant ads based on your content, but yet sometimes you can see some irrelevant ads from Google. Irrelevant ads can’t produce any single amount of money cause your readers won’t click on the irrelevant ads.

How many ads may I put on a page (Google AdSense Ad Limit Per Page)?

Your readers are looking for some useful information that is why they come to your site and this is only time they click on your ads when they found the ads are relevant because they can think this relevant link can have the information which they are actually looking for.

So if you see any irrelevant ads on your site, try to block them as soon as possible to increase your Adsense earnings by 400 percent.

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Over to You:

If you know some other ways to increase the Adsense earning or if you have some tips to maximize the earning, please let me know and help others to increase their earning from Adsense.

Thank you…

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