How to Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster? [Learn Step By Step]

Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster: Hi Guys. Today I am going to show you How to Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster? [Learn Step By Step]. A word Backlink is easy to say but to get a quality backlink is far difficult. So it is not enough just only getting links back to your site if they are not indexed, so important is that you get links back to your site and also index backlinks fast in Google or any other search engine. So, read this article from the beginning to the end.

How to Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster? [Learn Step By Step]

Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster
Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster

Automatically, Google index your high-quality links, so you only need to index non-indexed low-quality links. Whenever you will get a backlink from any website then copy the URL of that sites that comes after building a backlink on it. Now in Google put this URL. If it shows like this as shown in the picture then it is not indexed. Do not check instantly after building back-link, check at least after almost 48 hours.

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How to Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster

If you notice this result then your link is not indexed by Google is useless.

How to Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster? [Learn Step By Step]

1. Submit URL to Google

This is the easiest way to index backlinks fast.

How to Get Backlinks Indexed in Google Faster

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Submit your URL direct to Google and then wait for at least 12 h to see the results. Do not submit a URL more than once.

2. Social Media Sharing

Share your URLs on famous social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.

3. Social Bookmarking

Bookmark your links to all popular social bookmarking sites. This is a very good way to index backlinks because Google bots come automatically to the social bookmarking sites.

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4. Search Engine Submission

Submit the URLs to the search engines. This is also a very good sign to make your links ping. Submit the links to all major search engines.

5. Submit URL to Free Indexing Tools

You can also submit the links to the free online pinging and indexing tools. Some of the good free software is, Indexkings and Ninjaseotools.

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6. Send Traffic to the URLs

If you are able to send traffic to your backlink URLs, then send traffic from different IPs. This will make Google bot think, the presence of the URL and it will come to it and will index it in Google.

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7. Blog Commenting

Another very easy way to ping your backlinks. I always advise not to use blog commenting directly for building backlinks instead use it to make already build links index.

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8. Tier 2 Links

This is the very final step. In this, you have to build backlinks to your backlinks. You can build Tier 2 links by submitting the URLs to Web 2.0 sites. This is the easiest way to build links to your links.

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These are the some best ways to index backlinks fast. But one thing I want to make clear is that those links which are of very low quality also not indexed by these methods. So try to create quality links to your website or blog. Because links are very important to rank keywords in Google or any other Search Engine. If you have any quarries then do not forget to tell me through your comment below in the comment section. Thanks for reading.