6 Tips to Write Killer Blog Titles to Get More Visitors


Hi Guys, How are you all. Have you written so many quality articles on your blog, But they are not reached to visitors? If Yes We must say you are at the right post. Today in this post I am going t share 6 Tips to Write Killer Blog Titles and get more visitors quickly. Maximum blog writers don’t know that, How to Write Awesome Blog Titles to Get More Visitors. Have you ever ask yourself why are not getting enough to click? Why are you not getting traffic even when your SERPs is good? If you want to learn the Pro tricks about that all you need to do is just read this post from the beginning to the end.

Yeah, your thinking is right. Your content is undoubtedly great, but the title is not good enough to make bound someone to click.

How to Write Awesome Blog Titles to Get More Visitors

To be successful you have to write awesome content and to write awesome content you have to write from your heart and I know you do it regularly, but what happens when all these things go to the hell for the lacking of the proper title. It’s really frustrating. Isn’t it?

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If your blog title is not enough attractive then you can’t engage your article to your potential readers.

Today in this article I’ll tell you 6 tips to write excellent blog titles that will easily attract the reader’s eye.

6 Tips to Write Killer Blog Titles

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  • #1 Use numbers:

One of the most common and best ways of writing a catchy blog title is to use numbers. Statistics suggest that by tradition most of the article comes with numbers. Here you can use any numbers, there is no rules and regulation regarding it. You can see that I’ve used “6”, so you can use anything whatever you want.

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  • #2 Use interesting Adjectives:

You have to use interesting adjectives so that it can get the easy attention of your readers. By subconsciously People always love to go with attractive things. So use some fabulous words in your title and make them so delicious. Fantastic, Excellent, Secret, Brilliant are some good examples.

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  • #3 Use Why, When and How:

Try to use why, when and how in the blog title. Do people want to know why something is important? Why is something needed to be done or use? When doing the task? How to do that? How to do anything?

When you’ll use these types of words, it gives a clear message to the readers that they are going to get these types of information if they go through the whole story.

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  • #4 Keep it short and Sweet|:

If your title is so big then you’ll never ever get expected traffic because people don’t have enough time to read a traditional, long and boring title. Even though your content is good, but yet you can’t get traffic.

Try to keep the title in between 30-70 letters. It is short and SEO friendly too.

  • #5 Clear Value:

The title needs to be clear enough to ease understanding. If you use a fancy and complex title that are hard to understand, then you are probably going to miss tons of traffic. So be clear and specific when writing blog title.

After watching the blog title, readers should understand what actually the topic is about and what are they going to get or learn from the article.

To make it clear and grave attraction you can use brackets [ ] after the title like,[infographic] [pdf] [free download] etc.

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  • #6 Problem Solver:

You must solve your reader’s problem. Why will they click on your title if they assume it won’t solve their problem?

So your keyword has to be a problem solver. So use that type of keywords that give a clear idea to solve a particular problem.


Writing attractive blog title is not so hard, you can make the title so yummy only if you want to do that. Do remember these tips when writing blog headlines cause you know you have to impress your audience by presenting delicious title to them and I know only you and you can do it.

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