Why Should You Safely Remove USB Flash Drive?


Safely Remove USB Flash Drive: Hi Guys! How are you? Hopefully, you are well. I am fine. One day, I worked on my friend’s PC and one time when I ejected my USB drive, then my friend told me that “Stop, click on the Safely Remove USB Flash Drive option.” But, then I thought that Why should “Safely Remove” our USB Flash Drive. What would be happened if we do not do it? I am sure that you also faced these kinds of questions in your life. Today, In this article I am going to show you Why Should You Safely Remove USB Flash Drive?

Why Should You Safely Remove USB Flash Drive?

Why Should You Safely Remove USB Flash Drive
Why Should You Safely Remove USB Flash Drive

Windows felt bothered that if you do not safely remove your USB drive. It displays a message that “USB device removed unexpectedly”. After watching it, general users always watch it and murmured that “I will click on the “safely remove USB Flash Drive” option. Though it is a very task to remove the USB safely. But, all of us ignore this easy task and eject the USB haphazardly.

If you don’t safely remove your USB Flash Drive, then does the memory loose from USB?


Yes, it may happen. You can remove it USB during the time of reading and writing. When you plug in the USB drive, then your PC give the access to reading and write as you can be able to work with all data.

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Caching cannot write information to the USB drive but information is being in the RAM instead of USB. But, if you eject your USB during the time copying, then if you eject the pen drive, then the memory will lose and your accessing file will be corrupted.

Should You Safely Remove USB Flash Drives

But, Windows automatically disable the USB connected device caching if you don’t want to enable it. Most of the time, you don’t click on the “Safely Remove USB Flash Drive” when you are not reading or writing your device. This button is for the security additional stage as your collected files are not ruined.

If and data you do it, then your files would close correctly. Next, you will get the correct data, pointer, and the correct shape of the file as you kept it. During the time of writing on disk, the computer does not flush. Correct usage ensures that pointer is well sized.

2nd Reason:

A flash drive needs to stable power for ~0.25 seconds after executing the write command. It is a main physical problem, due to the random factor. Because some logical thing leaves a place 1 bit within the 0.72 seconds. It is an easy task. You just rewrite the bit. Finally, it writes completely on disk.

Why Should You Safely Remove USB Flash Drives

If you are unlucky, then it will leave in the file system and corrupt may happen. e.g: entire directory. So, during the time of reading and writing, we never open the USB drives, rather when we do not read or write then we will remove it safely. Hopefully, you also keep it in your mind.


Hope you like this article about Why Should You Safely Remove USB Flash Drive. If you still have any quarries then you may leave your comment below. Thanks for reading.

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