How do you Repair the corrupted or damaged AVI Files (Video File)?


We always watch many videos in our daily life and among the videos, we find some damaged and corrupted videos. If our choiceable videos are found as a corrupted or as a damaged, then our mind is hanged. And we get the message “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file” – see the screenshot below.

Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file

Today, we will know that how do we active the damage or corrupted file? We have showed it by using two tools.

You can use so many tools by googling.


It takes a long time for using this tool. . This tool does a very good job.

First of all, run the software, and click on the ‘Add Files‘, attach the file and click on the ‘Check Errors‘ and scan it.


After finishing the scan system, click on the Fix button. Now, watch that the repair file has been now active.

repair correpted video file

Repair Corrupted AVI Files with VLC Media Player:

VLC Media Player is installed on ever computers more or less. If the VLC Media Player does not install on anyone’s computer, then search it on Goggle and download this software and install it.

Repair Corrupted AVI Files with VLC Media Player

To repair with VLC, you follow the steps and watch the below picture:

Tools Menu>  Preferences > Input and Codecs Damaged or incomplete AVI File. From Always Fix > Damaged or incomplete AVI File.

repair damaged video files

After repairing, the temporary file will open.

Now, you can repair the corrupt or damage AVI files.

Thank You!

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