Rank App on Google Play Store Ranking Algorithm Factors


Ranking Factors on Google Play Store

Hello Guys, It is very much difficult to rank any app without having the proper knowledge of ranking play store apps. You need to follow lots of things before publishing apps on play store. So, If you are searching on google How to rank my app on google play store you can find lots of paid tools which claims that by using those tools you can easily rank any apps very fast.

But with having the proper knowledge most of the people purchase those premium tools and got nothing, they failed to rank their application. I am not saying that the tools are fake or anything else. I only want to say that you should read all the play store algorithms that help to rank any apps on play store.

Rank App on Google Play Store Ranking Algorithm Factors

Rank App on Google Play Store Ranking Algorithm Factors

So, now you are thinking what are those play store algorithms, Don’t’ worry, Here’s the Google Play ranking store algorithm factors that you should be working on in order of importance gathered from 10 official ranking sources.

1. Number of Ratings
2. Quality of Ratings
3. Amount of Downloads
4. Downloads Growth
5. Number of Uninstalls
6. Level of Usage
7. Page rank (links coming into your app page on the play store)
8. Description: Fully filled out to the max number of text
9. Keyword in Title & 5 times in description text:
10. Video demonstration (reported by some users to have an effect on overall ranking)

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You need to follow all the above mentioned important Google Playstore Algorithm before submitting an app on play store. This will definitely boost your app not only in Play store but also in Google Search Result.

But, one thing I must say that Ranking apps on Playstore is also depended on organic traffic. If you don’t have Organic traffic back to your application on play store then your app will not rank higher on Google Play store. Getting Organic traffic from Popular search result boost app ranking very fast.

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Benefits of Organic Traffic to Rank Play Store App

  •     For a new application, the main benefit is that there is no price to get your first conditional visitor. A user who installs an app after an organic search tends to be much more interested in it than any other paid-user.

  •     Organic traffic is held a long-term strategy because once you organically rank high, you start seeing which keywords your audience usually uses to search for and – most importantly – install your app. It suggests you have more control over your rankings and perceptibility on PlayStore opposing to the app competitors who do not apply ASO;

  •     Making organic traffic unleash loyal customers, and it tends to result in a path to building a brand from scratch. Without an appropriate organic traffic, it is almost impossible to have a reliable and long-term commitment and visibility on PlayStore’s Listings;

  •     Still talking about reliability: encouraging trust to new users, especially those who are just revisiting your page for the first time or don’t know your brand name, is a benefit that an organic traffic can provide. Regular users mean those who relied on your product, with no paid-media influence.

Google Algorithms Factors for Ranking Higher in PlayStore

The first and most important Links are an important ranking factor in Google algorithm, regarding not only ASO but also Google search algorithm, including Play Store, of course. Building a web of links that conduct the user straight into your app’s page helps it rank higher organically.

Study your competitors wisely. Use tools like Professional tools like “Ahrefs” to see on your competitors and see where they are getting backlinks to try to get the same quantity from similar sources.

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The best ones are those that provide more features than just high keywords search and ranking options.

NOTE: Be careful with stuffing keywords and avoiding alerts from PlayStore. It can affect your ranking as a “punishment” for days or even weeks. This can also outrank your application from the present position.

Getting Organic Traffic From Social Media

Having a Facebook Page customized with recent posts on your app’s page is a must-have for an organic traffic strategy. It is the same for other social media, such as Twitter and Instagram or another platform which.

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You can offer an anonymous connection to provide honest feedback about how they like your app designs and features or any other relevant topics.

In addition, you can share any news about your app, new feature launches, etc. However, remember not to make your posts only about your app, though – this is the secret to have a high-level content for user engagement through social media and increase your chances to gain more organic traffic booster from different channels.

You can also Promote or advertise your apps by investing some mone on social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram etc. This will give you huge social media traffic back your application.

User Reviews | Good User Experience

Positive comments, which indicate a good user experience, add value to your products and services and are the real content marketing tools.

Inserting the words “review,” “comment,” “opinion” and “evaluate” in the fields where people leave their feedback will assist in-app optimization for search engines, improving its position in search rankings.

An excellent way to gain recommendations is to focus on optimizing reviews and user opinions inside your app.

It is the Good practice to reply reviews with particular attention is a great strategy to create a closer contact with your unhappy users – and this should be your focus while building a strong base for new organic traffic ranking and of course for new user reviews.

In my next tutorial, I will show How you can Optimize your play store app step by step in app page.

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