The techniques of getting visitor to a website [Free + Paid Traffic]


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The techniques of getting visitor [Lesson 2]

Website Visitor
Website Visitor

If you consider from the side of money then there are two techniques of getting visitors.

  1. Free traffic
  2. Paid traffic

Free Traffic:

In an easy word, in which way blog’s visitor can be brought without money that is called free traffic method. You have to work hard for free traffic. Google’s Chaudhary and Facebook’s Rahman are the best for free traffic.

You have to know SEO definitely to get visitors from Google. There is no problem if you don’t know SEO because I will mention some important points. Visit definitely from all private tips and o 2 hero. You have to stay experience about Facebook to get traffic from Facebook.

Paid Traffic:

In an easy word, which traffic is brought with money that is called traffic? Here you don’t have to work. In this method, success comes very fast then free traffic method. But, first you have to develop more your blog’s content. If it doesn’t happen then visitors will come in your blog once and then never visitor will come. Clicking in your advertisement, a visitor entered in your blog. At that time if he gets standard quality and useful post, he may bookmark that or he will remember the URL. So you say paid traffic method or free traffic method, your first and main work is- flourishing your blog’s content. If it doesn’t happen then you will just give money and labour but success will not come. You have to post useful and informative article. In paid traffic, you have to give your blog’s advertisement in several platforms. Example: Facebook, Google AdWord, different add network.

In price is low, but more advertisements are given in it.

You may also exchange traffic to get more visitors to your website.

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