Top 10 App Examples Built With Flutter Framework


Cross-platform frameworks have grown immense popularity, and developers across the globe prefer using them the most. There are many reasons for liking these development frameworks, and some of these are reactive performance, using the same code for different platforms, reusable blocks, and much more. Out of all frameworks, Flutter SDK is well-liked by mobile app development companies. It is popular for its unique architecture, faster development process, cross-compilation ability, and outstanding results.

With Flutter, one can create iOS, Android, Windows, web, Mac, and Linux applications through one codebase. Google developed it in 2017, which programmers most appreciated. When you hire a Flutter developer, the individual can craft apps that provide a native-like feel without much complexity.

Flutter helps in propelling the app’s growth. Developers are amazed by the features the platform provides for simplifying their development work. It is a feature-rich framework that helps create great applications, and many companies have used it to create their apps. Here are a few apps examples that are created using the capabilities of Flutter.

Best Apps Examples That Are Made Using Flutter

Top 10 App Examples Built With Flutter Framework

1. Reflectly

It is a lifestyle app based on AI that engages clients in making their journals. Reflectly includes questions set for its clients and comprehends their day-to-day life. It also understands people’s anxiety feelings, inhibitions, and negative contemplations. The app helps people keep the hard copy of everything they feel and handle it well for the betterment of psychological health.


This application helps in knowing about your mental health condition and the ways to cope up with it. It has a dashboard for the point-by-point look. Reflectly initially used React Native, but the app’s response system could not take the complicated construction, which made them shift to Flutter. It provided amazing native performance with the least crash-down rates.

2. Alibaba


Alibaba is a popular eCommerce platform that is created using Flutter technology. It enables its customers to purchase products from providers around the world. Alibaba developers are mind-blown by the rich features of the framework and its great UI/UX. The capacity of Flutter framework to support high traffic eCommerce transactions. Alibaba is equipped to invigorate numerous global transactions.

3. Google Ads

Google Ads

It is an outstanding app built with Flutter, which is one of the popular internet promotion platforms. Google Ads helps people to exhibit their product features, advertising efforts, and many more. Businesses gain an elevated return on investing due to this excellent app. It is an app that engages customers to screen and manage the promotion performance, view status, call the helpline, get feedback, and avail alerts. The developers benefit from the framework to effectuate elements of material design in the interface. The application comes with many features like campaign stats, update bids, budgets, expert support, and keyword editing.

4. Cryptograph


This is another application built with Flutter and is used for tracking and observing the recent data of digital currency forms like Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. It is an app that provides continuous data through charts of exchange rates. It helps the client see the history of the price movement of the required digital currency. The app supports clients in tracking market shares associated with digital money forms. The CI tool empowers the dynamic app.

5. Tencent


Tencent provides digital products and services along with a smooth experience for clients. This is only possible due to the remarkable features of Flutter. The app helps in traveling, working, studying, and performing everyday exercises. Tencent is accessible and adaptable with its products. After they hire Flutter developer for their application, coding, coordination, and accomplishing wonderful outcomes become easy. The company has discussed a lot about Flutter and the app in their YouTube Video.

6. PostMuse


The Instagram picture editing app is currently becoming people’s favorite as it offers professional-looking images within seconds. Instagram enables users to edit, view, and design their photos. However, if you do not agree with any of these things, then PostMuse can help you get the best image that will make your marketing on social media appear genuine.

7. Philips Hue

Philips Hue

Mobile app development companies rely on Flutter as it produces high-quality apps which boost their business. This is the reason why Philips Hue is also made using Flutter. The app is a platform for selling smart-home lighting items. They offer lights, frills, starter units, and frills to customers to accentuate their home with lights. The app can also change the light’s tone and synchronize it with media players.

8. Hamilton


The application consists of a variety of multimedia, including sharable stickers, exclusive videos, etc. With the help of Flutter, app developers became capable of delivering several multimedia functionalities with smooth operation. It also provides an enriched experience to users on both iOS and Android. The app has merch platforms, ticket lotteries, and trivia games.

9. Google Pay

Google Pay

It is a payment application released by Google for making the payment process easier, and now it has over 70 million clients. Google wanted to create a productive and faster environment, due to which it opted for Flutter. The app has intuitive UI and top-notch features, which shows how Flutter can make apps perfect.

10. eBay Motors

eBay Motors

This application is a platform to easily discover, buy and sell your vehicles through mobile phones. In the app, sellers can click the photo of the registration plate, and all other exhausting tasks, including the vehicle details, are done by the app. For helping out the clients, uploading one-minute videos of vehicle features is there in the app.


Besides all these applications, there are several more apps created through Flutter. Due to the cutting-edge apps, Flutter provides experts have relied on it the most for mobile app development. It is cost-effective and provides enormous benefits which can take your business to optimum heights.

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