How will you understand real Samsung Phone?


Samsung phone is so popular. There is massive copy or replica version of phones of that institution in South Korea. It is not possible to understand the difference between real and duplicate if real and duplicate Samsung phone are kept juxtapose.

How to identify the real and fake Samsung mobile phone?


Generally there is a chance of being cheated if you buy a phone from mobile shop. But yes, there is less chance of being cheated if you buy a phone from a brand shop of a Samsung phone.

There are some techniques for understanding real Samsung phone. If you know that techniques, then you will not be cheated into buying a fake set. Let’s know the techniques of understanding real Samsung phone:

You have to keep idea about that set for understanding fake set. You can take this concept or get experience from any brand, shop or friends or neighbors who have this Samsung phone.

  1. Display glass will be very low quality of fake mobile set. If you touch on display, then fake phone doesn’t respond like a real phone.
  2. There is more distance from the mobile body to screen in fake set. For that blank place is seen which is between the screen and body. There is less distance in real set.
  3. There are no bright display and vibrant like a real set.
  4. Many sensors don’t act in fake set.
  5. There is not the right place of the home button on mobile like a real phone. The size of home button also is not same.
  6. Logo of Samsung is not smooth and parallel. But the logo of real Samsung phone is more strong.
  7. The sizes of real and fake phone are not equal. For that keeping that sets juxtapose and taking their measure, it can easy to understand fake set.
  8. The distance of home, power and volume buttons is not near unlike real set.
  9. There are differences of the small part of material between real or fake phone when its back parts are opened.
  10. There is no equality of battery capacity between real and fake phone.

These matters can be examined in case of outlook. Try to understand real or fake after using that set:

  1. Play any game on that phone. Games will be played slowly in fake set. And it will want to be stuck again and again.
  2. Going to camera settings of that phone, take a picture in the lowest resolution. The Picture will come fuzzy if that phone is fake. But there is no difference of picture in real set.
  3. Press *#o*#. The Option will come of various feature test of that set. Now touch in that sensor writing box. Now keep your hand on that phone without touching that phone. If a vibration is felt then that phone is real. The Sensor will not vibrate in fake set.
  4. Check internal memory of the set. Generally phone has 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB but users have 9 GB, 25 GB and 57 GB for their using. If it is less or more than understand that set is not real.
  5. Connect that phone to a PC with a data cable. Download a software with the name of Samsung kiss and if you enter in your phone with that software then it will show model number and built in memory. In this case, seeing that phone’s model you will able to verify.

You can also think of some caution:

  1. Buy mobile from Samsung approved outlet.
  2. Check warranty card. If you buy a new phone, then you will get a message related to warranty in your mobile.
  3. Make sure about that offer if there is any extra discount in new version mobile.
  4. If you buy any phone, before that you can see reviews of that phone on YouTube. In that case, it will easy to examine that feature in case of buying new mobile.
  5. Mobile is displayed in Samsung approved service centers. Before buying see that phone from exhibition and then take decision of buying a mobile along with demand.

Now there is no fear of purchasing a Samsung mobile phone.

Thank you