Best Video Recording Apps For Android Smartphone 2019


People are like to capture their moment but the problem is we cannot buy DSLR Camera to capture our memorable moment. DSLR can capture a professional video or picture. So In this article, I will show you about some camera application which is really good for your professional video recording form your smartphone. This apps makes your work very easier as a professional and improve your user experience. These are the best camera apps for your android phone 2019. I hope this article helps you to find the best video camera apps for your android smartphone. In this list, we will add 5 best video recording apps for your smartphone.

best video recording apps 2019

Best Video Recording Apps For Android Smartphone 2019

1. Open Camera

Open Camera is the first app we’re going talk about today. This is a free camera application for mobile (Smartphone) that is one of the best Video Recording apps for your android smartphone. The best thing is that it is ads free open source application, there are no ads inside of this app.

This is a fully featured and completely free application for mobile devices. Using this app you can control white balance, autofocus, color effects, ISO, exposure manually and you can take the picture while recording video and you control video recording with voice countdown (e.g., voice, whistle).

This app supports the slow motion, fast burst, and time-lapse video. Amazing facts of this application Torch option for the front camera by lighting up the screen. It is a powerful app it gives you all the professional manual features that you want.

In the settings, you can change the Resolution, speed, add grids, white balance. So you can choose the white balance and it has a couple of looks so if you want to shoot normally or black and white or other color effects.

best video recording apps for android 2019

2. FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is the second app we’re going talk about today. This is an absolute professional video camera app. in every sense of the world. Anywhere you look it’s rated five stars, or top app, or second best app. It is in absolute a powerhouse of your camera when it comes to shooting video.

When you open FiLMiC Pro first time you notice in the bottom right that it has a bunch of features where you can go in and you can choose the quality, ratio, you can shoot in 2K, 3K,4K or any resolution that you want, you can shoot in FiLMiC quality or FiLMiC extreme or standard quality.

You can change your frame rate up to 240. It also supports the slow motion in 60 or 120 or 240. It also has a Time-lapse feature so you can shoot video time-lapse. Moving into the audio, you can choose the audio quality that you want and if you plug in an external mic, you can choose that mic or the onboard camera microphone.

In this app, you can save you your favorite custom pre-set for yourself also you create multiple custom priests which mean you don’t have to west a lot of time. This app also has Image Stabilization which is really cool in my opinion you make sure you turn on Stabilization. You can also control white balance, autofocus, color effects, ISO, exposure manually and you can take the picture while recording video.

3. Cinema FV-5

Cinema FV-5 is a professional videography application for Android smartphone. If you are a professional videographer and you don’t have a DSLR then this application is the right choice for you and it is totally free. They provide a paid version but the difference between the paid version and free version, is on their free version they how long your clips can be and paid version you get the unlimited amount of time.

Cinema FV-5 has a ton of features and its only one app that allows you to add the Bluetooth mic, external mic. Cinema FV-5 supports manual controls while you recording the video, you can focus, white balance manually while you recording.

4. A Better Camera

A Better Camera is a pretty powerful app it works for video and photos, it has a lot of features inside. It’s let you lock them out of focus and lock the exposure and there is a bunch of settings. You can slide them out from the side on the left. On this app you can change the focus mode, the white balance, you can switch the cameras on the front or the back.

You have your exposure compensation, video quality, resolution, color effect, exposure metering. It has a self-timer and several-grid options to help you keep everything balanced. A Better Camera also has a time-lapse feature, you just turn it on chose how many seconds or minutes that you want.

5. Camera MX

Camera MX is the powerful best video recording app, it includes basic camera settings such as exposure, flash, video quality, and ratio. This is easy to use and user-friendly app for your smartphone. Camera MX support all resolutions and ratios your camera allows. Using this app you can change the focus, Change brightness, contrast, saturation and color temperature for your photos and videos. So we added this best video recording apps 2019.

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