How to boost Alexa rank? (Improve Alexa ranking in 7 days)


Want to improve Alexa rank within 7 days? Today, I’ll show you, how to boost Alexa rank? You know, Alexa is the best analytic tool that calculates and analyses traffic rank of every website using their own algorithms and logic technique.

An ultimate Guide to Improving the Alexa Rank of your website

Before starting, you have to create an account on After creating the account, you have to add your site.

boost alexa rank

Why You Should Improve Alexa Rank?

You may ask me why should you improve the Alexa rank of your blog? What are the benefits of it?

Well, actually it doesn’t have any value in terms of SEO but it has a significant value in terms of other blogging aspects.

For making it even clear to you I should tell you the effects of Alexa rank on me. I hope now you’ll get a better idea on why you should take care of Alexa ranking.

Whenever I need some information I do Google like you and when the results come up I used to visit only those sites which have good Alexa rank. I do believe I’ll get more genuine and authentic content from these sites.

So you can see I’m strongly affected by Alexa ranking  and it can happen to you and your readers too. That’s why as a blogger, you should definitely take care of it.

General ways to increase/boost Alexa Rank

  1. Optimize your website and make it seo friendly.
  2. Don’t copy any content/article from other websites.
  3. Use CMS (Content Management System).
  4. Publish article every day.
  5. Always publish a unique article.
  6. Use social sharing button on your blog.
  7. Make your website mobile friendly.
  8. Speed up your site.
  9. Install Alexa Toolbar in your browser.
  10. Use Alexa Booster.

If you follow these, then you will get an organic visitors from Google or other search engines.


Use Alexa Booster and Boost Alexa Rank


Best 5 Websites or Applications or Ways to Boost the Alexa Rank


This is the world’s number 1 Alexa Traffic Exchange website. It’s amazing auto surf technique. People will surf your website automatically. It works on browsers. And it is completely free to use. Join Now And Get Started Today!


I’ll give rank 2 to HitLeap is a Traffic Exchange service, which automatically delivers free traffic to your website. You can exchange traffic through your browser, alternatively, you can use their software (HitLeap Viewer). HitLeap Viewer is safe and it is very easy to use. You have to visit first Create an account, download HitLeap Viewer, log in with your registered username and password and start boosting your website.

#3 Super Alexa Booster

Super Alexa Booster is an awesome free tool that can increase your Alexa ranking first. You can increase traffic and boost your website. You can build up Search Engine Rankings. Download the software from

4# Alexa Master

Get high-quality traffic to improve your website ranking. It has a free and premium plan. You can earn traffic/points, if you refer this website to someone. Click here to Visit and Join now.

5# LIVEsurf

This website has an excellent Alexa Rank. But I’ll give it rank 5. Because this site does not give visitors in 1:1 ratio. Even you can join to this site. It has affiliated program to earn points. Visit to join.


Few bonus websites, you can try.


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