Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society – Machine Learning Technology


Pros and Cons of Future Technology: Welcome from, I am starting by giving my sincere greetings to you and today’s my article is about the Pros and Cons of Future Technology. So many people know about this technology. Many people have not even listened or knowing or unknowingly you are using this technology.

Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society – Machine Learning Technology

Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society - Machine Learning Technology
Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society – Machine Learning Technology

In Future Machine will tell lie like a man! Are you ready for that time?”


What is Machine Learning Technology?

Today I Bitte das, will discuss Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society – Machine Learning Technology. Hopefully, you like this article.

Machine Learning technology has been working for two years and it is making such strong applications. Friends, we are using the Machine Learning technology. But, we don’t know about it. For example, Allo Application or Apple I Message or Google photos app, virtual assistants etc.

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Friends, our computers help to analysis within the space based calculation seconds. A computer can solve any problem just like a speed of a light. But, we don’t concern it as an “Intelligent” computer. Because traditionally computers don’t do anything until the program includes in it.

In that case, if we want to learn a computer which is intelligent like our brain. That means if a person can teach a person’s intelligence, emotion, and technique, then that is machine learning. A computer never has the power to understand anything. It is possible only due to machine learning.

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Machine training is being implemented in the present time, the places are web search, computational biology, E-Commerce, Space Exploration, Robotics, Information Extension, Social Networks.

Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society - Machine Learning Technology2

Learn How to do Machine Learning?

For example, the presence of people outside the world is not possible. But at present, people can go out of the world very easily, but as supportive materials, such as oxygen cylinders, foods, technical aids, etc., they need to be very costly and time-consuming. In that case, scientists thought that such a machine could be developed?

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Who can achieve the thinking capability as a human? That means a machine can do the same thing that a person can do!

For example, before we used to copy through the use of carbon paper. But nowadays, the manual system or handwriting method has been converted to photocopier machine. There is a lot of work where people’s expertise is dropped. At the same time, a computer is able to build a capability and make a capsule is machine learning.

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Pros and Cons of Future Technology: Friends, the most important thing about machine learning is that the technology can change its solution with the time calculation of the machine. For example, Playing Cheese is a program in where a machine decides every new movement by one after one new experience basis.

Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society - Machine Learning Technology
Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society – Machine Learning Technology

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Think about this, Google’s Apple app, Apple’s Eye Massage, you can easily tell you what you are writing by reading the full-screen mobile phone. Again, say the Google Now Tap application. Tapping your phone to Google Now and tapping your phone’s screen will scan Google Now and tell you what you’re doing right now. So all these things can easily tell your smart phone as a result of using machine learning.

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Let’s say a little bit, when you search something in Google, for example, if you search a mobile phone that starts from 5000 to 10000 thousand rupees, then Google will save that information. Those related ads will continue to appear in front of you. Again, the sensor that is used to reverse a car is a machine learning-based sensor.

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Machine Learning is one kind of Artificial Intelligent. Supervising that, to develop a computer without any programming, to develop learning capability, that is to say if you run a task on a computer that does not have to write a programming code.

Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society – Machine Learning Technology

Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society - Machine Learning Technology
Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society – Machine Learning Technology

Friends, don’t get surprised. I understand it quite broadly. Suppose you wrote a programming code inside the code that gave any new data input, in that case, the machine can then manually change the algorithm. And we are called machine learning to develop this program.

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Machine learning technology is very different from traditional programming. For example, in programming, computer programming was meant to mean that the program was written or the input that was taken would give output to the computer.

But in machine learning, I gave my machine some data and output (which we want to see). And based on this data output computer gives us the program. That means we are giving data and giving output as well. And this is called Programming of Machine Learning.

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Pros and Cons of Future Technology: For example, you entered the Google search box or text such as “machine learning algorithm“, in that search box, there are some hidden codes, as a result, the relevant data will show you.

Now let’s see how the brain works and how the computer works. If you want to watch a movie through a computer, then click where you left the movie. And that promptly goes to the CPU and the movie where the movie is kept means hard disk drive, and find out from there and display it to you.

Divide computer hard disk drive part by part

Then we know that the computer has a hard disk, where data is stored or where there is a processor unit, the calculation is done. Again there is a display area. Where takes input or gives output. And this is exactly what our brain can do.

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For example, people may remember his past. That’s why we catch it, hard disk. Again a person can calculate and can. That means, we got the processing and we got it in the CPU. After this, we can say that the results are out of the mouth. It can be supposed to display.So, it is understood that a person’s brain and another computer can be considered the same.

Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society - Machine Learning Technology4

Difference Between the People’s Brain and the Computer

But there is a great difference between the people’s brain and the computer. Learning Capacity or Thinking Power. How our brains are made, which they learn or understand or understand feelings of emotions. Take a small test, for example, if I say that

“The river and the sky are equal, and the sky is equal to Ali, at the same time you will say that the river and Ali are equal. I don’t tell you that Ali and River are equal. But, you think that the river and Ali are equal.”


Just like this, people are learning. Which we do not know before, but we have to learn.

Now if the machine is going to teach something, then the machine will have to achieve the capability of learning as human. It means that the computer’s processor must be included in the learning process. And if you can incorporate a learning experience once, then that machine can be transformed into a learning machine. Very small job. But scientists thought how to get this learning power involved in the machine. Then the scientists made an experiment.

Pros and Cons of Future Technology in Our Society - Machine Learning Technology5

There are so many data included which I am discussing very shortly. Machine Learning is divided into the 3 parts

1. Representation

2. Evaluation

3. Optimization

Moreover, there are also more in which machine learning programming develop power.

1. Supervise

2. Un-supervise

In the present time, the use of machine learning is continuously increasing.


In the future, machine Learning will create a revolution. The advantages which we are getting from the machine learning will never be faded.

Do the friends and the effects of this technology completely add to the quality and benefits of society and whether it is possible to solve the problems of its real world? These issues are becoming a very worrying thing in the present time. This technology, like our society, can make many changes, and there is a great possibility of the effect of many fears and uncertainties.

My Last Words:-

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