3 World’s Best Hard Drive Types to Buy for PC Users


Best Hard Drive Types to Buy: Hi, Guys! It’s Bittu again. The hard drive is used to store data from the computer to cloud server. According to the task, there are different types of hard drives, such as Desktop HDD, NAS Drive, Enterprise drive etc. Now, the question is what are the functions of the different hard drives? Where do they exactly fit and which is better for which job? 3 World’s Best Hard Drive Types to Buy for PC Users. According to your work, which kind of drive would you want to select? I will discuss all these. Hopefully, you will get so many information from this article.

3 World’s Best Hard Drive Types to Buy for PC Users

Best Hard Drive Types to Buy
Best Hard Drive Types to Buy

According to the task, there are different types of hard drives, such as Desktop HDD, NAS Drive, Enterprise drive etc. 3 World’s Best Hard Drive Types to Buy for PC Users. According to your work, which kind of drive would you want to select? Just read on below.

1. Desktop Hard Drive

We are familiar with the general desktop drive- it is used in a desktop computer or notebook. The desktop drive is generally is cheap. It is classified not for the price, it is classified due to different types of works. The desktop drive is used for using a computer on a regular basis and it is designed for the general work. You wake up in the morning from your bed and work in your computer from morning to evening, for that purpose, the desktop drive is prepared for the running of the computer about 7-8 hours and 5-6 days per week.

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Generally, most of the time a single drive is inserted in one computer or in a notebook as compared to the server in where there are a hundred drives are inserted. There may be created vibration in where so many drives are inserted, as the hard drive is a mechanical device. As the vibration, there may be occurred some damages. The desktop drive is used as a single, so there is no safety guard for the vibration.

Best Hard Drive Types

Moreover, if you watch a data error in the general drive, then it is required so many time to fix the problem. NAS drive and enterprise drive can fix so many data errors. NAS drive or enterprise drives are connected with so many drives so it can fix data error very fast or recover it very fast.

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Moreover, the performance of desktop is very low quality. Because the users of it do not use its bandwidth fully. You may use so many bandwidths but it is not used for using it. Because in many time so many users access small files to it may keep playing music or movie.

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Moreover, the desktop drive uses less power and it works without sound. So, you can say that desktop hard drive is suitable for the general user and general work. If you don’t want to transfer huge data or if you have not required a huge data storage, then the desktop drive is your correct choice and your NAS or enterprise drive is not suitable for your work.

Best Hard Drive Types to Buy

2. NAS Drive

In the types of hard drive, NAS drive has come after a desktop drive which full name is Network Attached Storage. In present days, access to computer data is required very much and it is required to access from the various device.

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For example photos in your mobile, necessary files in your computer or movie, a music file in your iPod or your work file in your office computer. In here, all data are required to access from a different time from different devices. In here, it might be required to access all data in different time for different devices. So, for this work, the best method is to make a Network Attached Storage server.

Generally, one or more drives can be attached in NAS system and for operating the server, the operating system is required and to access the server from the internet, an Ethernet cable is added to it. Now, you cannot use the desktop drive in the NAS computer system. Because it does not give you bandwidth and also cannot provide security from vibration.

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NAS drive is for those who want to make a NAS server but due to the use bandwidth in excessive, the desktop drive does not work and you cannot buy enterprise drive. But, you have to keep in mind that NAS drive is not quite better than general hard drive.

Manufacturing companies just develop the desktop hard drive and gave a name by using marketing term was NAS drive. But, it is not like that it is designed to give the security vibration. It should not be jumped to buy the NAS drive after watching the name NAS drive, you also have a look on the specification.

Best Hard Drive Types

For example: previously I have said that the NAS drive must have a safety guard from vibration. Moreover, you have to spend less time to recover it from the desktop drive.

Because, there are so many drives which are inserted in the server environment and there are so many back up in all drives, so you will get the opportunity to recover it if the data error occurs. If your drive will take a huge time to fix the error, then the computer drive system thinks that your drive has died and it tries to rebuild the data. So, there is a drive which is required and it has capable to fix the error very fast.

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The use of NAS drive is suitable in NAS server but it is very much necessary to the specification because if you buy a drive which is very cheap but it is not a good.

Now, the question is do you have to keep a watch on the specifications? Ok, first of all, you may watch on MTBF/Mean Time Between Failures. Through MTBF you can apply an apparent idea that how many time your drive can last?But you cannot get the idea that how many time your drive will get lasting but it can be possible to get the idea of how many time it would last? Suppose, the MTBF of your NAS drive is 1 million per hour but it must get lasting than 500 thousand hours MTBF drive.

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You must keep the watch on another specification is that URI/unrecoverable read error rate. It is mainly rating system, generally URI rating of general desktop hard drive is 10^14. It has to be mentioned that the rating will be higher as the hard drive will be capable to fix the error. The rating of NAS drive is 10^15, which is better than desktop drive. The rating of the enterprise is 10^16 which is a very good matter. So, you must keep in mind a thing is that URI rate is 10^15, if the rating is 10^14, then you must buy a cheaper drive.

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The price of NAS drive is higher than a desktop drive. But, NAS is a very important for the environment. So, if you have a NAS system and if you access it through the network, then it is suitable for NAS drive.

Best Hard Drive Types to Buy

3. Enterprise Hard drive

In the different kinds of hard drive, enterprise hard drive is the most expensive drive- because in the enterprise system, it is used in large servers, is where so many hard drives are inserted. For using the hard drives, there are lot of vibration creating in the giant system. Moreover, you can get the 10^16 URI rating which helps to fix the error in the drive. Drive system does fast as the recovery time of the drive is low.

Best Hard Drive Types


High-quality mechanics are made when the enterprise Hard Drive is made as it may work 24 hours and 7 days. Another feature of enterprise hard drive is SAS/Serial Attached SCSI (Small Computer System Interface). It is inserted into the SATA connector which data can flow on one side on one side but SAS interface can flow data on two sides.

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So, you can easily understand that Enterprise drive is a high-end drive and it is applicable for high-end work. Moreover, you can get more warranty in enterprise hard drive than desktop drive or NAS drive.

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My Last Words:-

These are the three kinds of the hard drive. Hopefully, You like this article about 3 World’s Best Hard Drive Types to Buy for PC Users. And you understand that which one is suitable for your work? It totally clears that which drive is essential for you? But, If you still have any quarries related to this topic then you may leave your comment below in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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