Eco-Friendly on a Budget: Exploring Electric Scooter Costs


Pollution, significantly impacting Air Quality Index (AQI) and life expectancy, is exacerbated by India’s rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. Notably, 67.4% of the population lives in areas with air quality exceeding the national standard of 40 µg/m³. Metropolitan cities like Hyderabad report alarming levels, with a US AQI of 161 and PM2.5 levels of 75.1 µg/m³. These concerns underscore the need for sustainable, greener living. Innovative, eco-friendly products, including electric scooters, are gaining prominence for their zero-emission commuting, aligning with the growing demand for pollution-free, environmentally conscious lifestyles.

The electric scooters are perfect commuting options for city dwellers who wish to ride their own vehicle while saving on their petrol expenses. The electric scooter cost, usually ranging from ₹1,20,000-1,60,000, varies to meet your budget and requirements.

Factors Affecting Electric Scooter Cost

If you plan to buy your own scooter and are confused about electric scooter cost, then worry not. Here are some of the factors that affect electric scooter costs for you to explore:

Electric Scooter

  • Brand Reputation and Trustworthiness

Brand reputation and trust play a pivotal role in shaping consumer choices. Recognised names, with their extensive legacy in the two-wheeler market, command a premium position. The trust and reliability they have cultivated over the years are integral to the electric scooter cost.

Established brands not only sell electric scooters, but they also offer you peace of mind while riding, thereby contributing to the overall cost of electric scooters.

  • Battery Capacity

The capacity and technology of the battery pack help determine the cost of an electric scooter. A powerful and long-lasting battery enhances the riding experience and influences the overall electric scooter cost.

electric scooter cost

  • Smart Features

In today’s technologically advanced era, new scooters with advanced features are being introduced. Different manufacturers are introducing their electric scooters with high-end features to offer a comfortable ride. Superior technology, such as Bluetooth connectivity, various riding modes, and other comfort-centric features, elevates the electric scooter’s cost in comparison to its counterparts. The inclusion of these advanced features caters to the demands of tech-savvy riders, justifying the electric scooter cost.

  • Build Quality

The quality of materials used in constructing the scooter and its overall build impact the cost. Lightweight and durable materials, coupled with superior craftsmanship, often lead to a higher electric scooter cost.

If you plan to buy the best electric scooter with amazing features, then you must look out for the Chetak electric scooter. Its advanced features ensure a comfortable riding experience at the best prices. Keep reading to make a thoughtful purchase of eco-friendly scooters.

Chetak: The Perfect E-Scooter in Budget

Chetak electric scooters are undoubtedly one of the premium electric scooters that feature a timeless design with smart features. The construction of these scooters is robust to help you ride on bumpy and uneven roads with ease and comfort. A strong and powerful battery powers this scooter, ensuring hassle-free operations for a longer duration.

Chetak electric scooters

The electric scooter cost in India differs depending on various variants and features offered by each. Here are the Chetak scooter’s variants for you to explore:

  1. Chetak Urbane

The Chetak Urbane is a well-designed scooter that offers a host of features for comfortable riding. This electric scooter costs around ₹1,15,002. Here are some of the features for you to explore.

  • This fully LifeProof electric scooter is available in eco and sports modes.
  • With a top speed of 73 kmph and a mileage of 113 km, you can stay assured of the two-wheeler’s performance.


  • Colour LCD ensures a glare-free ride all the time.
  • Smart connectivity features of Chetak Urbane ensure that you can easily connect apps and get details about speed, charging, and any notifications.
  • The easy push button for reverse ensures that you can easily reverse your electric scooter on tight and tricky spots.
  • With the off-board charger, you can recharge your scooter in a hassle-free manner, whether you are at home or under the sky.

2. Chetak Premium

As the name suggests, this is the premium Chetak range, and the electric scooter cost starts from ₹1,20,000. Some of the exciting features that make it premium include:

Chetak electric scooters premium

  • This electric scooter offers both eco and sports riding modes for your convenience.
  • With a top speed of 63 kmph and a mileage of 108 km, you can easily cruise through city traffic.
  • It offers stress-free Bluetooth connectivity to help you get all the updates while riding a scooter.
  • With IP67-rated water-resistant electrical components, you can stay stress-free and enjoy splashproof rides through potholes or heavy rains.
  • The reverse feature of Chetak Premium ensures you can easily reverse your electric scooter in tight lanes or small spaces.

Get Eco-Friendly Electric Scooters on Budget Now

Electric scooters have emerged as an affordable and sustainable commuting option. The exploration of electric scooter cost offers you long-term economic benefits. With benefits like minimal maintenance requirements, reduced fuel expenses, and high performance, these eco-conscious two-wheelers help make a positive impact on the environment.

Eco-Friendly Electric Scooters

Chetak is a high-standard two-wheeler brand that focuses on style and efficiency. The electric scooter is backed by numerous unique and valuable features that make it worth purchasing. So, what are you waiting for? If you are planning to go green while enjoying your rides, you can check Chetak’s website and explore their electric scooter costs.

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