What is Virtual Reality?


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine for most merciful god’s blessings. I’m also fine for that great god’s blessing and for your prayer. You have understood by seeing the above title that, today I will show you “What is Virtual Reality?”.

Does Virtual Reality Actually Works?


You have understood with what I’m writing. So let’s start this.

What is virtual reality?

Well, you see a dream, isn’t it? The desires of our daily lives, we can’t implement, we get many things of that through this dream. In the dream I play football with Messi, Neymar, I make a snowman with ice of Canada, I roam around the desert by camel- and much more. Sometimes, I think how fun would be if this happens. But all these are only imagination, or is it real?


Hmm, giving shape these imaginations into reality is called “Virtual Reality”. In actual meaning, it is not real, but enterprises of real consciousness science dependent imagination are called virtual reality. Virtual reality is a computer related system, for which men can establish a connection or feel with simulated three-dimensional sensible environment through modelling and following studies. Imitations environment may be exactly like the real world. In this case many times real experience is available from virtual reality. Many times simulated environment may be different from reality. Like: virtual reality games. In it very impossible work can be done easily through 3D image.


In virtual reality user becomes submerged in a computer controlled environment totally. The reality is felt through information provided different types of bearing devices head mounded display, data glove, and full body suite etc. In virtual reality. With it, it is possible to publish graphical of decorated by materials willingly, fighting and dancing with friends etc.

Let’s look at back…

It was the time of the middle of the last century. Morton Heilig named one cinematographer thought about such type of cinema technology for his audience, which will increase their sense of watching movies, will take inside more story. From this dream at the age of 1957, he discovered ‘Sensorama’ named a material.


Highest 4 persons could use this material of Heillig. Here he used to make the function of smell, stereo sound, the movement of the seat and hair flying in the wind with 3D motion pictures. And in this way Heilig used to introduce his audience to another world which was unreal though that was real. Heilig is called “The father of virtual reality” for discovering extraordinary thing. Since then virtual reality has come in its enviable position for the hard work of several scientists.

I talked for a long time. But if there is no real use of this then what will I do with hearing story?

So is there any sue of this in real?

Artificial world has kept playing where in our present world, let’s see about that.

The impact of this “unreal” thing in our real life:

Let’s come back to the education field. Many times it is seen that we are reading about something and how that to behave thing in several situations, we are decorating that by reading or seeing video from internet. But virtual reality has made easy this work for us. It is taking us in such a world where we are feeling to see that same thing in front of us totally, as a result of this our concept is growing strong about that thing.

virtual reality

Virtual reality played an important role at the time of manufacturing several houses. In present time, many architects make a virtual model of their building plan. That time client can wander easily inside, outside of this building and can give advice in the matter of changing something if necessary. And all this is done before making of buildings.


Virtual reality has always importance in the sports world. It is very much used for several games like golf, athletics, cycling etc. Training. In spite of this virtual reality has also successful application to design several materials which are used in sport, like- running shoe.


In military filed nowadays this important discover of modern science has been used very well. It is used to make for soldiers and to make an artificial environment for wounded soldier’s treatment. Even they have used this technology in term of appointing in Britain’s army. The navy has used virtual reality through making submarine simulator. And this technology is used in air force also. A flight simulator is used for increasing flying skill, dealing with emergencies etc. work. In spite of this, virtual reality has also contributed in term of making several virtual gun, armed war machine, virtual torpedo decorate submarine.

In case of medical science of the modern world still now virtual reality is used extremely that can’t be possible if I don’t say anything about it. First, let’s come to doctor’s. Now the help of surgery simulation is taken for making more efficient a doctor in several matters. As a result of this, a doctor can able to know new things without any accident. Nurses have also same management for this. There are such peoples who have taken disability in several accidents for them also this technology has gifted. Suppose, one person has used now wheel chair for one accident some days ago. Using at first, it is possible to feel problem with this.


And here virtual reality is coming forward. It has made artificial environment of any busy street or any market for that person through which he can practice at least before applying in real life. Several types of phobia make our normal lives totally intolerable. Making many artificial environment virtual reality here has helped to get that affected people out from phobia. There are such many sides in medical science where this technology has been kept contribution.

In spite of all these virtual reality has the important role in the case of entertainment, business, media, cinema, telecommunication, scientific research, fashion designing etc.


Till now we knew about the various contributions of virtual reality in our lives. But how to enter in artificial world? Actually, there are many types if the devices for wandering in the virtual world. There are inside of several types of virtual reality product like HMD (Head Mounted Display) device, motion tracker, head tracker, VR Domes, VR software/kits, VR simulator etc.

virtual reality


Future Challenges:

The most challenging matter about virtual reality is- making advanced tracking system, making possible more real of the real interaction with artificial environment. Though there were some companies at the beginning of researching with this matter, but they had to face many limitations. Even many times such one virtual reality developers are dependent on such technology, which production is for using other purpose actually. And it is very hard work and time consuming matter to make an artificial world. How much you will build this world more realistic, time and hard work will need that much. So how much you will be more diligent and forbearing, your possibility of success will increase that much with artificial world.

Some Negative impact:

In our real lives most things have good and bad aspects. Acquired education from childhood will tell us that which path we will follow. Virtual reality has also good and bad aspects.

Which person spends time among many violent environment in all these virtual world, its adverse effect in their real lives. As a result of this, many people are affected by cyber addiction also.

Another worry matters is- matter related to murder and sexuality, which are prisoned in a vicious cycle of law in our real lives, but in artificial world? It has been seen in several research, in an artificial world in this situation, one people faces of mental and physical feeling like real life. As a result of this, will virtual reality affect our humanity actually that is the thing of thinking? And so if anyone wants to go forward with this matter, then, that people have to go forward by keeping in head about limitations and warning.

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