Full Details of 5G Technology | 5g Internet Speed


Hello, guys! how are you all? Today I am going to discuss a very interesting and mind blowing topic that can definitely blow your mind. In the modern age, all of us loves to want a mind blowing high internet speed. In this article, I am going to show you Full details of the 5G Technology and 5G internet speed. So, for improving the speed of the internet, there is a need to work on the technology. The Internet is needed in every place beginning from smartphone to car, smart watch, house etc. and of course, they are using more bandwidth. To rich the wireless internet and to get done so many bandwidths, 5G is making some amazing technology. So, as a technology lover, you have to know what are the ingredients are available in this technology. What is the difference in between the 3G or 4G with 5G? Or is it a new marketing term for the mobile operator?

Full Details of 5G Technology | 5g Internet Speed


In here, ‘G‘ means “Generation”, and the wireless companies had started their first campaign as 1G. Next, the 2G came. And for the first time, the sending convenience of text messages in between two mobiles was possible. Next, 3G came which afforded the facilities of browsing text messaging, calling, the internet etc. In 4G, the all departments of 3G are available, only the speed has increased to share the large size file and to connect in between so many devices. Next, for making the 4G network faster, LTE technology has come which makes the 4G network so rich.

The place in where there is a need for connecting the so many devices and there is a need to use more bandwidth, in there this type of technology is very important which has a function to manage more bandwidth. And you can say that on the basis of this idea, the 5G technology has launched.

In the present time, the bandwidth speed in 5G is higher than the 4G. Generally, the chances of getting the internet speed in 1-10+ Gigabyte/second in this technology and the funniest thing is that it will contain 1-second latency. So, you concede quite easily that by using the internet speed will become magically after using 5G technology. By using this technology, you easily download a 4K video. Another huge point in 5G technology is that it uses less than 90% energy. Those who are using 3G or 4G cellular internet, they clearly know that after comparing the internet, the battery charge shut down very soon. But, it will not do in 5G, by using this technology, the battery management may decrease.

5G technology stocks to use a huge amount of bandwidth- now it depends on the mobile operators. As the question comes in bandwidth, so hopefully the mobile internet providers do not think to sell 1 GB from Rs:- 200-300, so, they have to reduce the price of the bandwidth. Besides, how will the public spend so much bandwidth? And if we are so lucky, then after launching 5G, we may see the extensive plan and it is certainly excluding of the public fair policy.

5G Technology Details

How Does it Work?

When you call someone or text a message to some than a wave appears from your cell phone and it direct hits to the next tower. Cell phone tower helps to send the signal to your friend’s cell phone. Not only for the calls, but also in the case of sending or receiving data (for example photos or videos).

Generally, after coming new wireless technology, radio number is used to control this technology. In the present time, to operate the 4G technology the radio number is used until 20MHz. But in 5G, the radio frequency can be applied until 6 GHz. To cause for using the radio frequency in new wireless technology is that it has a capacity to produce more bandwidth transfer. But, the problem is that the speed of the bandwidth is improved when the radio frequency is increase but the range of the radio signal has decreased. For this, so many input and output wires are used for boosting the signal.

Not only is the high bandwidth, this technology used to plan for joining the so many devices. Let’s have a look on Internet of Things in where every electronic device or electrical device are combined with each other. 5G technology is not limited to a cell phone like 3G or 4G. You can also insert the 5G chip in your virtual reality handset and a chip is also inserted in your computer as a result by using the same technology you can connect two things very easily. It is not only possible on the phone but also it is also available on any devices like Wi-Fi for connecting between two devices.

When will Come 5G?

Don’t get shocked – because this technology has already come and this service has now started in some places of America. In this week, Verizon mobile operator was published to provide the service in some states of America, for example, Texas, Oregon, and New Jersey. Moreover, AT&T Telecommunications Company is thinking to try the 5G in their laboratory.

Though these two huge organizations and mobile operators are considering about to launch their 5G service. But, it is not quite hopeful for us. We spell I want to mean the way in the wide world. Not only for India, but also for the entire world. However, to most of the researchers, this technology will not available before 2020. But, you can hope that so many countries will work on this technology in between 2020-2030.

Future: This technology will make a future of the Internet technology. Due to the handling of high bandwidth, this technology is not only in a mobile network but also in home internet. You don’t need to use the internet by turning wires. Any high-end work is possible from the mobile network. Just think about the rural people who are denied of getting the facility of the high-speed internet. Because the internet businesses do not provide fibre optic cable or broadband cable in the rural areas by funding million money. After launching 5G technology, the rural people will also get the ability of internet.

On the other hand, the latency of the mobile internet is very poor. In where this technology may be popular with the 1 millisecond. If you do online gaming, then you must know the meaning of the latency. Further, when a device is connected to another device, in that time, the latency makes an important role. For example self-driving case, in where there is needed to connect a self-driving car with another one, there may be more than a few millimetre latency deaths. 5G technology helps to establish a perfect connection among the devices.

This technology uses less energy, so your phone can be able to contain more power of your phone. Not only phone, all devices which you want to connect, the charge of those devices will last for a long time. Just connect a 5G modem or router and keep enjoying high-speed internet gigabyte/second. Moreover, Intel and Qualcomm companies are started to make the chip for the 5G modem.

Otherwise, this technology is not in phone tower or cell tower rather it can be attached to any devices. As it is possible to transmit data in your phone, mobile, TABLET, T.V from the 5G chip of your computer. You can also operate so many T.Vs by using gaming console together.


We know that the chance of getting this technology is not ended. In where you will get the speed 100 Gigabyte/second in this technology, After some years, 5G service will be used in every phone. So, I can tell you that the 5G wireless technology will come with high bandwidth and low latency and will so provide the chances of joining so many devices. Hopefully, you like this article. If you have any queries, then you don’t forget to ask me. Please comment in our box and share this article.