Silicon Valley! A Wonderland of Technology where the people eat and wear Technology and whose Ideas and knowledge is Technology


Hi guys! How are you? I am fine. Hopefully, all of you guys want to know about any new topic. Today, I have brought about the Silicon Technology, a wonderland of technology, though I have been collecting so many information about it since a very long day. If you don not watch it, then you don’t understand it that what kind of valley it is. So, don’t waste your time, I am discussing this topic with you.

Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley

What is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is located in California which city has traditionally centered of the San Francisco and San Jose and this valley covers an area of 300 square miles. The popularity of the Silicon Valley was originated after the year of 1995. Silicon Valley is the lying-in room of the Internet and the high technological business. According to the Wikipedia, Silicon Valley is the place which has extended over an area of 300 square miles and situated in California. Silicon Valley is the center of San Francisco and San Jose. After 1995, Silicon Valley is the business point of Internet economy and high technological business. Yahoo, Google, E-bay and also another large Internet companies were born in the Silicon Valley. Almost 4000 high-technological companies have traded almost $200 million in this valley which companies were built up in 2000 and the most of this is the information technology related business.

Silicon Valley is famous for:

  1. In the market of Technology, the head-quarter of the leading companies of technology are situated in the Silicon Valley. There is no leading companies which do not situate in the Silicon Valley. Amazon, E-bay are also situated in Silicon Valley along with Google, Microsoft etc. companies.
  2. All the famous start-up companies are born in Silicon Valley. Famous companies like Abbey, Oracle are born from Silicon Valley. We went back so many years if the one percent of technology do not start up from the Silicon Valley.
  3. Socially, Silicon Valley keeps a huge impression for developing in the information technology. In all over the world, Silicon Valley creates a wonderland of the technology.
  4. World famous 2-3 percent ventures have come from Silicon Valley. Researchers think that the organizers of the world went back so many years if the institutions of Silicon Valley do not come.
  5. World famous data centers are born in Silicon Valley.

The Main Institutions of Silicon Valley:

You cannot find any technological companies which lying-in room is Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, every update technological institutions are born in this valley.


Google incorporated is an American multinational Internet and software company and especially it is popular for Google Search engine. Google is the most popular Silicon Valley based company. Two PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brin made this company. Google was established in 1998. Google is one of the large companies of Silicon Valley. Here is the List of services provided by Google.

Google's Headquater
Google’s Headquarter


Yahoo is the largest internet based commercial organization. Yahoo has the website, search engine, Yahoo dictionary, Yahoo mail, Yahoo News, Yahoo Group, Yahoo Enceer, Yahoo Advertisement, online map, Yahoo video, social media service etc. According to news tablet, the daily users of Yahoo is 700 million. According to the Yahoo, “in every month almost 5 crore people use Yahoo in 30 languages.

Yahoo Headquater
Yahoo Headquarter


Microsoft Corporation is an American computer technological corporation. The one of the popular software is Microsoft Windows Operating system and Microsoft Office. It was established in 4th April, 1975. It was established by Bill Gates.

Microsoft Headquarter
Microsoft Headquarter is the largest American eCommerce company. It was established in 1994. In shopping, the main tool of is centralized all over the world in one point. Now-a-days, eCommerce is popular for this Amazon.

Amazon's Headquarter
Amazon’s Headquarter

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems is an American software company. It’s headquarter is in San Jose. Adobe Systems is popular for making multimedia software. Adobe internet application is developing along with multimedia. This is the largest software company in Silicon Valley.

Adobe System's Headquarter
Adobe System’s Headquarter


E-Bay is an American multinational e-commerce company. It was established on 1995 and it is huge popular till now.

eBay's Headquarter
eBay’s Headquarter


Facebook is a website for worldwide communication which was created on 4th February 2004. Mark Zuckerberg made this Facebook with some of his friends during the time of studying at Harvard University. This is the main tool of the communication in all over the world.

Facebook's Headquarter
Facebook’s Headquarter


Nvidia Corporation is a technological company which is situated in Santa Clara, California. This company is mainly made Graphics Processing Unit and chip for mobile.

Nvidia's Headquarter
Nvidia’s Headquarter

Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technological corporation. It’s headquarter situated in Redwood City of California. It is expert for making hardware system commodity. This company was established in 1977. Oracle is a very popular among the Silicon Valley based start-up.

Oracle Corporation's Headquarter
Oracle Corporation’s Headquarter

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is an institution of making the computer processor. This company started their journey in 1969.

AMD's Headquarter
AMD’s Headquarter

Apple Inc.

Apple Incorporated is a company of the manufacturing the software and parts of the personal computer and the Firstly, the name of the company was Apple Computer Incorporation. The company got the publicity by selling the electronic instruments, computer software, and personal computer. Apple made their IPod, iPhone and IPad by installing their own Operating system. Moreover, this institution made the software of listening songs like ITunes and Multimedia and the creative software iLife. Moreover, it also made Internet browser and the Operating System of the mobile phone. In the every step, Apple has a footstep on technology.

Apple's Headquarter
Apple’s Headquarter

Hewlett Packard (HP) Company

Hewlett Packard (HP) Company is an American business institution. It mainly the manufacturer company of making Computer, and the parts of the computers. Its head quarter is Palo Alto, California. The journey of the company was started at a garage of a car. In the present time, Hewlett-Packard is the leading computer manufacturer. HP started its journey from the year of 1939.

HP's Headquarter
HP’s Headquarter

Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is an American Chip manufacturer company. Intel was established in 1968. Intel made motherboard chipset, network interface controller, integrated circuit, flash memory, graphics card, connected processor, and so many other things along with the computer which is very essential for communicating.

Intel's Headquarter
Intel’s Headquarter


PayPal is a commerce institution. It used as a substitute of transaction process like check or money order. In 19989, PayPal Company started their journey. It is a very popular and reliable online money transaction company.

Paypal's Headquarter
Paypal’s Headquarter


Dell Incorporated is an American multinational company. Dell was established on 4th November, 1984. The founder of this company Michel Dell. He is the chairman of Dell Incorporated Company. He started his business by investing $1,000 which he saved the money from his childhood. There are some factories of Dell in China and Malaysia.

Dell's Headquarter
Dell’s Headquarter


Sony Corporation is a Japanese electronics instruments builder. Sony started its journey on 7th, 1946. Now a days, Sony is a very popular for manufacturing electronics goods.

Sony's Headquarter
Sony’s Headquarter


Twitter is a website for communication and microblogging where the users can express and communicate with others in maximum 140 letters. Twitter started its journey on March, 2006. In the month of July, 2006, Jack Dorsey inaugurated the Twitter. Twitter gains a huge popularity in all over the world.

Twitter's Headquarter
Twitter’s Headquarter


YouTube is the website of exchanging the videos. It is a very popular video sharing site which gives the users to upload the videos and exchange the videos with each other. Video reviews and exchange of comments are also available on this site. The main backbones of establishing the YouTube Company were Chad Harley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim.

Do you think that without these institutions can technology be imagined? What do you say the Silicon Valley without a technology valley.

The Highest Paid Salaries of Silicon Valley

Every company hire best technologists from all over the world like Google, Apple etc. Do you want to know the highest salaries job? In Silicon Valley, there are so many vacancies. They are suffering for a lack skilled person.

Highest Salaries Silicon Valley Job

5. Senior Ruby Rails Engineer

Salary: $1,20,000 USD (Per Year)

For making framework of web application in Ruby programming, there is a high demand in the worldwide along with the high demand of Silicon Valley. There are plenty of opportunities in this job which you can’t imagine.

4. Data Scientist

Salary: $1,50,000 to 2,50,000 USD Per Year

Large companies collect information of their users and keep it for future reference. Such a job needs in Silicon Valley.

3. VP Engineering

Salary: $1,75,000 USD (Per Year)

VP Engineering keeps motivating to all the members. In this work, experience is huge factor and if this is the institution of the Silicon Valley, then don’t say anything.

2. Senior iOS Software Engineer

Salary: $1,30,000 to 1,40,000 USD (Per Year)

The iOS of Apple Company is in great demand among the software engineers. It is easily conceivable.

1. Facebook Intern

Salary: $7000 USD (Per Month)

It is a huge opportunity for the University Graduate students. There is an opportunity to work on Facebook as well as in Silicon Valley.

What is the mystery of succeeding the Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is doing work for 365 days, 7 days, and 24 hours and technology is their house, is their ideas and knowledge, technology is their driving force of innovation who gradually moving forward the world, and the world down to the fingertips.

Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley

This Silicon Valley is the lying-in room of Scientist, businessman, technologist. As the result is stunning.

Do you know, Bangalore is the Indian Silicon Valley?

So many people say that you do with technology but you don’t tour in Silicon Valley, you technological life is futile and the silicon job is extremely well.

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