How to Disconnect other user from a Wi-Fi Network?


It is the story of several days before. I had gone to wonder to Lalbagh Fort with my wife and daughter. In the way of coming back, we went to find food in a restaurant, named Kokkok. Going in there, I saw “Free Wi-Fi”. Then calling waiter, I took that password. After connecting in Wi-Fi, I saw speed is not so good. I used to find out the way, how speed can be better. At last, I got solution also. Not getting late, I opened an app. I saw 33 users in that app. So it will be like that. Anyway, now get back to actual fact. I disconnected all that 33 users excepting me. It means I was an only person in that router. Everybody started to shout at that time.

How to disconnect wifi users from the router?


Taking this chance, I downloaded in full speed and also enjoyed the fun. After this, where I get Wi-Fi, I use this app. And here is the real taste of rooted phone. With rooted phone, you can do many thing if you want, which you can’t imagine.

Download the App link form here.


Also Download the App from here.

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