Two Hotspot Maker Software: OStoto and mHotspot


Now, make your laptop into a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

How to turn your Windows PC into a wireless hotspot with OStoto and mHotspot Software?

Wi-Fi Hotspot

So many users do not have Wi-Fi router in spite of having a broadband connection.

Then, you can convert your built-in Wi-Fi adapter into the long range WI-FI router.

With this software, you can control your device as you wish.

You can also control the bandwidth.

The name of the software is: M Hotspot

Download it:

How are you? I am fine.

Hopefully, you, guys are the 70% laptop users.

Because, I am discussing about the Hotspot Software.


But, here some of you guys may be the desktop users due to the necessity of the adapters.

However, you are using My Wi-Fi Router, mHotspot etc. Software.

And you also know that though the software is renowned, these are not so good at the working point of view.

Now, I will give you a magnificent hotspot maker software. You will get the guarantee of the creation of hotspots with a single click.


And, in this program you also manage to play games in WLAN. There is also a feature to measure the speed of the broadband.

OSToto Hotspot1

You also control all of your devices and you also back list those devices.

There is also an on screen notification icon. Now, when the device will connect: it will show that. As you wish, you can off the on screen notification icon.

There is also on Boot up Hotspot. After stating your laptop or computer, the Hotspot will active again.

Moreover, so many people use Wi-Fi on their mobile phones from the laptop. The Computer will not say in fixed for a long time. To remove hyper net, there is hyper shield.

If you fall into sleep, then who will shut your computer down?

There is also timer, after a specific time, the computer will automatically shut down.

There is also a speedometer.


Download the link: