“NetCut” – Broadband Internet & Wi-Fi Hacking Software Free Download


Before discussing about NetCut, I want to tell you that, this tutorial I’ve made only for learning purpose. Don’t use this trick for commercial purpose. This software should only be used on your Local Wi-Fi network. It is not meant to be used with public Wi-Fi networks. This software should not be misused and should not be used to play with any public wireless network security.

Broadband Internet & Wi-Fi Hacking Software Free Download (NetCut)


About NetCut:

You can find the MAC address of all PC or devices with NetCut which are connected to your network. You will get the device name, device brand name, IP address and the MAC address of the connected devices on the same network. The most interesting thing is – you can disconnect any device or any user from the current network or you can block all users, who are connected with your Wi-Fi network.

NetCut – Mobile Version (Android Version)

netcut for android

Suppose, you’ve a 4 MBPS internet connection, then you’ll get (4096/8) = 512 KBPS download speed. If you use this connection in 4 devices, then the download speed will be 512/4 = 128 KBPS. And, if other people access your connection with Wi-Fi, then your download speed will be too low. If you want to cut the connection of all users and if you want to use the full download speed alone, then you’ve to use NetCut. Because, you will be able to disconnect other users via NetCut.

Features of NetCut:

  1. NetCut cut internet connection anonymously.
  2. NetCut available for Windows, MAC and Android.
  3. NetCut finds the IP address.
  4. NetCut finds MAC address.
  5. NetCut shows gateway IP, Hostname and user’s IP address.
  6. NetCut can protect user from ARP SPOOF attacks
  7. NetCut can cut broadband connections which are in the same network.
  8. NetCut can disconnect any user from LAN.

I think, you are waiting for the download link. Don’t wait, download this premium software for free from the link below:

Click here to download “netCut” PC version (Windows only) – Full Version

Click here to download “netCut” Mobile Version (Android only) – Official


Click here to download “netCut” Mobile Version (Android only) – Unofficial

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