The App will tell us where is free Wi-Fi zone


There is no free Wi-Fi service where you are. But you need to speed up internet connection. It is an advantage if it gets Wi-Fi zone. This App will inform you where you have to go. Some Indian media has published this type of news.

How to get free WI-FI Zone when  you need an internet connection?


There is free Wi-Fi service is activated in different area of the city. But, it is easy to know for everybody where is free Wi-Fi zone. So we need this App. Where we will get free Wi-Fi service, it will inform you through this App. No need to take help from others. Your phone itself will inform you if there is an application on your smartphone. Name- “Wi-Fi mapper”.


Take off WifiMapper App from Google play store. Take a look application features.

Download the 1st link:

Download the 2nd link:

  1. It will show you through map the spot of free Wi-Fi advantages of near place where you are.
  2. How Wi-Fi is spotted, details can be found. Even, comments can be made.
  3. You will connect information of the new free Wi-Fi spot if you want.
  4. Which Wi-Fi connection has been used before, that’s history can be found.
  5. You don’t have to use roaming data if you are going other country.

Thank you