Now connect your android phone in any Wi-Fi without a password. Size is 3 MB


I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. I’m starting by praying everybody’s good health. Seeing head line you no need to get disturbed. And what I’m saying all that is true. You can’t believe this, isn’t it? But there is nothing not to believe. So believe it once by mistake, and download. Ok get back to work.

Connect Your Android Phone With Wi-Fi, Without Using Any Password.


Today which tutorial I will give that is, how to connect Wi-Fi in your android phone without a password? I don’t know here any post has been done or not before, if it is done then anyway let’s start now. But I tell you before, everybody may not connect with Wi-Fi, but most of people will be connected with Wi-Fi. We will need an app to do this work, which name is Wi-Fi master. So Let’s download it.

File Name: Wi-Fi Master.apk

File Size:3.2 MB

Wi-Fi Master.apk

Download very easily from here:

1st Download link.

2nd Download link.

Download Process:

First click on this link. Then click on download. Yes then download this awesome app, and enjoy this app.

After downloading and installing the app, open it. Now see data connection has been activated automatically and it is searching Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is around you then you will see Wi-Fi will get the device, then clicking on a Wi-Fi name, click on auto connect wired. Then wait for few times. Now see it has connected.

N.B: Doesn’t believe on the tree, believe on the fruit.

Ok, be happy and take care. Thank you so much for staying with the The Mental Club.

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